Can open data stimulate innovation?

Dec 20, 2017

In December 2017, Inha University in Tashkent hosted  Hackathon Open Data Challenge 2017, an annual contest for developing applications, services, and visualization solutions based on open data.  

This year, 236 participants were a part of the hackathon, which aimed at  popularizing the concept of open data in Uzbekistan and draw the attention of developers and wider public to this relatively new area of knowledge for the country and create new innovative ideas and projects .

The participants of the Hachkaton 2017 worked to develop socially important and innovative applications, messenger bots based on data available on the open data portal and official websites of government agencies of Uzbekistan.

Worldwide, hackathons considered as an innovative way to create tools and products that help make people's lives easier and more comfortable by using open data, since open data are a catalyst for innovation in the private sector to promote creation of new markets, businesses and jobs.

All participants of the Hachkaton 2017 attended specialized master classes and seminars on design thinking, principles of team building, data analysis and the basics of machine learning in Python, the methodology of Lean Startup and Customer Development, blockchain and etc.  Participant also learned about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and tried to apply different SDG’s while working on their projects.

In total, using open data under close mentorship of working professionals Uzbekistan, Hackathon 2017, received 47 socially oriented projects and 16 business projects from 63 teams.

And the Winners

SAVE IT team became the winner in the nomination "Best business project based on open data". SAVE IT team developed a mobile application and Telegram-bot. This service allows the user to receive information about discounts on goods with expiration date in supermarkets and any stores that will join the project. The project will allow stores to sell their products and reduce costs and waste, and consumers will save money.

"Nowadays, there are plenty of food items available for consumers. Every month, grocery stores throw out food and beverages because they simply expire. To reduce the number of discarded goods, we came up with the idea to develop applications where sellers post their goods with expiration date with a certain discount, and thus consumers are notified about this product through applications or via telegram-bot. As a result, goods are not thrown away, but are consumed for profit both for the seller and the buyer "- Nasiba Lutfullayeva.

Umbrella Soft won the nomination "Best social project based on open data". The Umbrella Soft team presented the MyID project. The project allows citizens to receive some public services and pay utility bills and fines for traffic violations.

The All Eyez On Me team won the nomination "Most Innovative Hackathon Project", which presented a hardware complex for face recognition.

"The Hackathon chip was to come up with a winning idea in 2 days that will solve the social or business problem. We took the matter very seriously, doing research and analysis, we found that today the problem of missing people in the world is one of the most important ones. Therefore, we had to find a solution that would be on guard 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which will not be affected by weather conditions, lack of internet and electricity. We came up with a lasting solution, which consists of a closed circuit and works 7 days after a power outage and without Internet. Our project does not require a lot of investment, just the presence of a microcontroller RASPBERRY PI0, a video camera and our program Smartize (like Smart Eyes). " - Anvar Muminov

The Hackathon Open Data Challenge 2017 was organized jointly by the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications, Inha University in Tashkent, UNDP in Uzbekistan, British Embassy in Tashkent, «Electronic Government» system development Center and UZINFOCOM Center.

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