What is citizens budget?

Dec 1, 2017

Over 60 participants from state bodies, parliament, civil society organizations and academia discussed the concept of disclosing information and introducing the mechanisms for involving citizens in the processes of reviewing, adopting and implementing of the State Budget as well as developing citizens budget in Uzbekistan.

Transparency is one of the main principles of the Budget Code of Uzbekistan, adopted in 2013. This principle provides for openness of procedures of preparation, review and adoption of the State Budget, the publication of information on the approved State Budget and the budgets of the state trust funds to public and the media.

What is citizens budget?

Citizens budget is a simplified version of a budget document that uses the informal language, friendly formats to facilitate better understanding of the key budget elements to general audience.   It is less technical, incorporates visual elements to help non-specialist readers understand the information on the budget and basics of budget process, budget execution, the draft budget, state programmes, public hearings and other information.

Citizens Budgets are not meant to replace more detailed budget documents, but they are important for introducing citizens and civil society to the knowledge they need to participate as informed stakeholders and hold the government accountable for how it manages public money.

"Establishing a dialogue with the citizens will not only help to improve the effectiveness of the budget process, but first of all, it will ensure wide awareness of the citizens about the budget system, the formation and execution of the budgets of all levels as well as the budgets of the state targeted funds. This will also improve the understanding of the goals and priorities of the budgetary policy and simplify the involvement of the citizens in the budget discussion and implementation of monitoring processes," noted Dilshod Sattarov, the Deputy Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan, Head of the Treasury.

Citizens budget is published in such countries as the Great Britain, Norway, Brazil Mexico, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and etc.

Citizens budget is expected to be developed in 2018 within the framework of implementation of a joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan.

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