Meteorological stations installed to help farmers in the Tashkent region

Oct 27, 2017

The joint project of Chamber of Commerce and Industry and UNDP ‘Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase III)’ has launched an initiative to install four agricultural meteorological stations in the Tashkent region and provide 800 private and dehkan farms in this area with free of charge recommendations on agrotechnical activities.

The share of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the GDP of Uzbekistan is 17.6%, and food security directly depends on the development of the agriculture sector. The introduction of information technology, Internet of Things (IoT), increases the efficiency of agriculture, reduces the cost of growing fruits and vegetables, while improving the quality of products.

Two meteorological stations have already been installed in Yangiyul and Urta Chirchik districts and two more stations will also be installed in the Parkent and Tashkent districts of the Tashkent region, in total covering the area of more than 10,000 hectares.

These stations are equipped with several sensors to measure the amount of precipitation, air and soil temperature, humidity of air soil and leaf, wind speed and direction. Based on the collected data, the special software calculates the risk of breaking out of diseases and pests, and the date of preventive treatment by means of protection, as well as the time and intensity of irrigation.

The ‘Konsulting Madad Hamkor’ beneficiary company under the Council of Farmers, Dehkans and Owners of Household Lands in the Tashkent District of the Tashkent Region will conduct analysis of weather data. The regular information and recommendations will be sent to mobile phone of farmers advising them on necessary   agrotechnical measures to be undertaken to control diseases and pests of seven types of fruit crops.

Timely and competent implementation of agrotechnical measures will enable farmers rationally use of natural, energy and human resources. Reducing the expenses on these resources will decrease the cost of growing crops, increase profits and will reduce the cost of the products.

In addition to regular consulting support, farmers and dehkan farms will have an opportunity to participate in trainings on horticulture production and receive pocket cards containing information on diseases and pests and ways to protect pome and stone crops and grapes.

The successful implementation of the pilot project will serve as a basis for its replication across Uzbekistan and provide foundation for introduction of "smart farm" concept and full automatization of agriculture production process.

Modernization and intensive development of agriculture and concomitant economic growth is one of the directions of the Strategy of Action for the five priority development directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, as well as one of the priorities of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN member countries.


The ‘Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase-III)’ project is a joint initiative of UNDP and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry which aims to improve the business environment in the country by introducing online services, improving regulatory frameworks, and promoting inclusive business models.

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