Improving Professional Skills of Water Specialists

Apr 4, 2017

From March-April 4th 2017, a series of training courses were conducted for 130 national water management specialists within the framework of joint project of EU/UNDP ‘Technical Capacity Building’ Project of the European Union’s Sustainable Water Management in Uzbekistan’s Rural Areas Programme.

Training courses were arranged in six directions: water resource management, water conservation, large hydraulic structures and water reservoirs, pump stations and energy saving, development of Water Consumers Association (WCA), and included both theoretical and practical lessons.

The trainings enabled to increase and enhance the knowledge of managing specialists from basin irrigation system administrations, pump station departments, regional amelioration expeditions and WCA. In addition to technical knowledge the trainees received information on legislative base and regulations related to exploitation of hydraulic facilities, safety declarations, monitoring, cadaster, current status and needs in personnel, financial improvement of WCA, new information technologies, as well as advanced international experience in the sphere of water resource management.

Based on results of the training and tests the participants were awarded with certificates. The training courses were organized under supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources with active participation of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration.

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