UNDP Trains Experts to Efficiently Measure and Calculate Water Resources

Mar 10, 2017

About 60 experts of irrigative systems of Uzbekistan and specialists from the united dispatch center of the Fergana Valley and the Research Institute of Irrigation and Water Problems undergone two week intensive trainings on standardization, certification of gauging stations, measurement and recording of water, and the construction and equipping of hydraulic structures. The intensive training course was organized by the joint UNDP/ Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘Technical Capacity Building’ - is implemented within the framework of the EU Programme on the ‘Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan’.

Hydrometry experts play a key role in the proper water resources management of the agriculture and water management system to efficiently distribute, monitor and report water consumption, which in turn, reduces the risks of water scarcity and land degradation as well as determines the prospects of agricultural products productivity and the quality of the soil.

Issues of improving the efficiency of management, and above all, the establishment of water measurement and accounting systems is an urgent task, without which sustainable development of the rural areas, as well as other sectors of the economy, is not possible. That is the reason, why the Government of Uzbekistan attaches great importance to the development of the water management sector. Reforming of agricultural structure, the gradual diversification of agricultural production, the introduction of water-saving technologies, improvement of the legal framework of the water sector - all of these efforts are aimed at improving water management and distribution system, taking into account needs environment needs for water.

The training course was conducted in cooperation with Uzbek Agency of standardization, metrology and certification and the Research Institute of Irrigation and Water Problems. Upon completion of the training, participants who successfully passed the exams, were granted government approved and registered certificates supported eligibility to conduct certification of hydro stations for compliance with the standards.

Sharing their thoughts on the training outcome, young hydrometry specialists stated that this was their first time participation in such an intensive training that helped to obtain practical knowledge and skills that they will apply in daily activities.

Participants of the course suggested organizing such trainings for farmers and other water sector specialists as well. Apart from improving training and education modules and technical equipping of water management organizations the project undertakes the capacity development of water specialists. The project targets knowledge improvement of 1500 professional in all spheres of water management across Uzbekistan. 

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