Time to sum up and set further tasks

Dec 22, 2016

On December 22, 2016 in the conference room of Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan a session of the Interagency Work Group was held focused on the analysis of the progress of implementation of the joint Project of Supreme Court, USAID and UNDP named “Rule of law partnership in Uzbekistan”.

Deputy Resident Representative of the UNDP in Uzbekistan, co-chairman of the Interagency Work Group, Farid Karakhanov, noted that this year a few important steps had been made in reformation of the judicial system of the country. Specifically, a number of significant regulatory documents were adopted which took into account recommendations and suggestions on the project. For example, suggestions were taken into consideration on delegation to Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan of functions and authorities of the law enforcement agencies in the area of material, technical and financial support of courts of common jurisdiction, further improvement of the system of training of candidates to become judges and professional development of judges and court employees, and other.

It can be noted that one of the most important steps in this area was the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures for Further Reformation of the Judicial  System, Strengthening of Guarantees of Reliable Protection of Rights and Freedoms of Citizens” (UP (Decree of the President) No.4850) adopted in October this year. This document offers new opportunities for extension of cooperation in promotion of judicial reforms for further democratization and liberalization of the judicial system.

For the purpose of provision of accessibility of information on courts for public, a new official website of Supreme Court was developed and launched under support of the Project in 2016. The new website provides access to a database containing all regulatory acts on the judicial system, information on courts, and a number of interactive and information services for users of services provided by courts.

Improvement of mechanisms of interaction with representatives of the civil society and mass media was declared one of the priority directions of further improvement of the judicial system in the Republic of Uzbekistan. For this purpose during the reporting period the Project developed a number of regulatory acts, including those on competitions for mass media, processing of requests of mass media on obtaining new information, arrangement of public events and presence of representatives of mass media at open judicial sittings.

Promotion of improvement of legal literacy of the population is another important area of the Project activity because development of the civil society, its active participation in processes of reformation and formation of modern judicial system is invaluable. The Project regularly studies the issues of common concern, i.e. of citizens and business entities, representatives of state and law enforcement agencies. By attracting concerned parties to discussion, developing available methods of communication, inviting international experts, and analyzing international experience in specific areas in 2016 the following publications were prepared and published: 

  • Textbook on preparation of judicial acts;
  • Guidance on labor disputes;
  • Guidance on taking legal actions on civil cases to court;
  • Guidance for judges on carrying on lawsuits;
  • Guidance on templates of procedural acts of economic courts*.

In addition to this, the existing legislative base and judicial practices related to alimony disputes were studied. In the result an analytical article on alimony payment and “Right of the Underage Child for Financial Support” Brochure were published.

Besides, infographic on the structure of the judicial system of Uzbekistan was prepared and distributed among the partners and in the Internet to promote improvement of understanding of the judicial system and stages of consideration of civil cases by courts of different jurisdictions.

Speaking about the necessity of further close cooperation in future it is sufficient to note that active participation of the joint Project is planned in fulfillment of tasks set in the aforementioned Decree of the President No.4850, particularly the study of foreign experience, development of suggestions on judicial reforms and protection of rights of entrepreneurs, elaboration of draft laws and other regulatory acts.

In the area of implementation of the ICT the Project will continue its work on implementation of audio and video recording of judicial sittings, further development of “E-SUD” Information System Module on consideration of cases as part of the appeal and cassation procedures, integration of “E-SUD” Information System of Electronic Legal Proceedings with other information systems and on further popularization of the system.

No doubt that participation of the Project in development of draft Law “On Mediation” (an alternative procedure of settlement of disputes with participation of a mediator) in cooperation with experts of Supreme and Supreme Economic Courts will become important.

The initiative on conducting a functional analysis (civil courts to begin with) which is one of the most important measures carried out by the Project deserves special attention.

Experts of Supreme Economic Court, representatives of international organizations such as OSCE and GIZ, which carry out their activities in Uzbekistan and are interested in cooperation in the area of reformation of the judicial system, also took part in the session.

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