Hydrometric specialists improve professional qualification

Dec 6, 2016

The role of irrigation in the socio-economic wellbeing of the people in Uzbekistan can hardly be overestimated. A proper irrigation system management mostly depends on highly qualified specialists in the field of hydrometry. Therefore, improving knowledge of water management specialists responsible for water metering and distribution is highly important.

A series of trainings for 220 specialists in charge for water metering were conducted from 16th November to 6th December 2016 in the cities of Ferghana, Gulistan, Karshi, Samarkand and Urgench.

The trainings were organized by the joint UNDP/EU project “Technical capacity building” within the framework of EU Programme on “Sustainable management of water resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan” in collaboration with the Ministry of agriculture and water resources. The project aims at strengthening technical capacities of water management sector of the county.

Two-day training courses included both theoretical knowledge and practical trainings in the field, such as measurements of water flow on canals Buston (Sirdarya), Akhshak and Koratepa (South Fergana Canal), Pistali (Karshi Main Canal), Central Miankal canal (Zarafshan River), Kenegas (Palvan-Gazavat Canal), with capacity from 3 to 40 cubic meters per second.

The participants reviewed and discussed the application of modern techniques and methods for measuring and accounting of water resources.One of the main topics of the training was metrology and legislative basis of standardization and certification of water metering and gauging stations. International standards of water metering and errors in measurements, calibration issues of water measuring devices were discussed.

Ibragim Tursunov, hydrometer from Samarkand region, shared his views: "For me as a hydrometric specialist, it was interesting to learn the new water measurement technologies. I wish we had ultrasonic water metering devices used in other countries. I would like to emphasize that this training especially helped young specialists in gaining practical skills of water measurement”.

The participants have gained practical skills to measure the flow rate and monitor water consumption depending on the methods and means of measurements, to certify the hydrometric equipment and carry out verifications of gauging stations, and etc. They will be able to use the acquired knowledge in their workplaces. 

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