Improving public services quality and access to public information

Oct 31, 2016

United Nations Development Programme in collaboration with local khokimiyats and other concerned departments implemented a project in Jizzakh, Namangan and Tashkent regions aimed to improve public services procedure to businesses on the principle of “one window” and increase transparency of local governments. The project was financed by the grant of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom.

In particular, together with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan was published a manual “Organization of the activity of single centers on delivery of public services to business entities (One-stop-shops) and provision of public services”, which is used by One-stop-shops’ employees.

It should be noted that from January, 2016, 194 One-stop-shops have started working in all regions of Uzbekistan. They have been established on the basis of district inspections responsible for registration of business entities. Over the past 9 months of this year centers received more than 75 thousand complaints, on which timely taken decisions. Also noteworthy is the fact that of 181 thousand new businesses opened this year 28 thousand registered via Internet.

In order to ensure uninterrupted provision of public services to small businesses and private entrepreneurships in total 20 One-stop-shops of Jizzakh, Namangan and Tashkent regions have been equipped with gasoline generators. LED lights have also been installed in these centers to save electricity.

- There are situations when it is necessary to have an independent source of energy, for example, difficult weather conditions or while repair work is ongoing, - said head of the One-stop-shop under Mirzachul district khokimiyat Abdusattar Shabbazov. – A single gasoline generator provides lighting in the office room, inserting of five computers, a printer and a scanner. This enables us to provide services incessantly and issue documents even while electricity temporary disconnected.

Furthermore, solar panels with power capacity 5.5 kilowatt/hour of electricity per year have been installed in the One Stop Shop under Mingbulak district khokimiyat of Namangan region.

- As it is known providing electricity to remote areas increases power consumption and technical failure possibility, - said head of the One Stop Shop under Mingbulak district khokimiyat Kamoliddin Turdaliev. - Under these conditions autonomous energy sources are very efficient. In this context the installation of solar panels was a joyous occasion for us. In my opinion, such equipment is beneficial to every enterprise or organization. It is very easy to use and does not damage the environment.

Within the framework of the project “Open data” portals of local khokimiyats and regional Councils of peoples’ deputies have launched. On these portals in the form of tables and diagrams are presented a lot of interesting and diverse information useful for both entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens. So, there one can easily find the latest figures from local budget or school teachers’ graduate-level analysis.

It is noteworthy that Tashkent region khokimiyat with 215 datasets and about 58 thousand downloads topped the open data disclosure rating among the public administration bodies on the Open data portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan At the same time Jizzakh region khokimiyat with 75 datasets and about 20 thousand downloads ranked ninth, and Namangan region khokimiyat with 20 datasets and about 8,5 thousand downloads placed at 17th.

Great attention within the project has also been paid to organization of training seminars on effective use of open data for civil servants and mass media representatives. In total 6 seminars were held in March-May 2016, over 170 specialists took part in these events. The trainers were qualified experts such as Lola Islamova, editor in chief of the information-analytical news site and Zukhriddin Shodmonov, head of department of the «E-Government» system development center under the Ministry for development of information technologies and communications.

- The seminar was useful not only for professional journalists, but press-service and digital media specialists, - emphasized the participant of a training seminar for Tashkent region journalists, editor-in-chief of the “Chinoz hayoti” newspaper Surayo Akhmedova. - I can say with confidence that the training has significantly helped improve our knowledge in data visualization as to work with open data and data processing, interpretation and visualization.

An additional convenience for citizens was establishment of digital information boards at Tashkent, Namangan Jizzakh regional khokimiyats as well as Namangan city khokimiyat. With the help of these modern devices one can get information of his/her interest and watch informative videos on khokimiyats’ activities.

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