UNDP supports Government of Uzbekistan in implementation of Regulatory Impact Assessment

Jun 1, 2016

Today, UNDP in Uzbekistan through its projects, particularly “Support to enhancement of lawmaking, rulemaking and regulatory impact assessment” Project supports efforts of Government of Uzbekistan to enhance lawmaking and regulatory environment.

In the framework of the abovementioned Project, UNDP carried out a number of important activities in last two years in collaboration with the Institute for Monitoring of Current Legislation under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (IMCL), Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Justice, Ministry for Information Technologies Development and Communications (MITDC) and other national partners.

In particular, assistance with drafting of legal acts, in compliance with the best international practices was provided to national partners, primarily with Government resolution No. 328 “On measures for implementation of System for Assessment of Impact of Legal Acts on Entrepreneurship” which was adopted on December 2, 2014. This legal act established the obligation of government agencies, which draft legal acts and regulations, to carry out a public discussion for a period of not less than 15 days.

Also, such draft legal acts and methodologies as Law “On Amendments and Additions to the Law on normative legal acts", Government Resolution “On Amendments and Additions to certain acts of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan for further enhancement of the regulatory impact assessment of legal acts in the sphere of entrepreneurship“, Methodology of Cost-Benefit Analysis of draft legal acts were prepared and submitted to the national partners for review, and some of them passed through public consultations on regulation.gov.uz  web-site.

As one of the key elements of RIA remains public consultations, it was the important task of Government to establish accurate mechanism of interaction for government agencies, citizens and businesses, using new channels as online platforms.

For this purpose, since January 1, 2015 at the Unified portal of interactive public services (EPIGU) my.gov.uz, special section for public consultations was launched and since May, 2015 the separate web-site regulation.gov.uz (in Uzbek and Russian) was launched.

Regarding this, UNDP jointly with Uzinfocom Center under the Ministry for Information Technologies Development and Communications (MITDC) assisted in technical modernizing and updating the online platform for public consultations on draft legal acts regulation.gov.uz.

Plenty of new features and functions have been added, such as a button "like" and "dislike", now users can comment the draft legal acts both by articles and as the whole document, submission his own version of document is also available as well as generating a comparative table of the first and final draft legal act.

Also now on the main page of the web-resource provides detailed statistics containing the number of regulatory legal acts that are or have passed through public consultations, the number of comments and proposals submitted by citizens, the number of proposals being considered (accepted or rejected) by the legal act drafter and much more.

In addition, the search and content-filtering and visualization of the web-site were significantly improved.

Also, for convenience of users, public consultations platform merged to the single web-site http://regulation.gov.uz..

As a result, as of today, almost 600 draft legal acts, which represents more less 50% of the total number of legal acts adopted each year, have been passed through public consultations on http://regulation.gov.uz web-site, and which received more than 1 300 proposals  and comments from citizens and business and this online platform has stepped in the same row with the online tools of foreign countries, such as www.regulations.gov (USA), consultation.business.gov.au – (Australia), www.gov.uk/government/consultations (UK), regulation.gov.ru (Russia) and others.

Beside these, a training program on RIA for government officials was prepared by UNDP in cooperation with the Lawyers Training Center under the Ministry of Justice, and since March, 2016 a pilot short introductory training course introduced in the curriculum of the Center, the information on the essence of RIA and the best international practices is provided to lawyers.

Also, a practical manual on RIA was prepared and disseminated among government agencies for the use of government agencies officials. The main purpose of this manual is to reveal the advantages of the RIA and its benefits, as well as to familiarize the government officials with the specifics and results of its implementation in foreign countries.

To summarize all measures taken for implementation of RIA in Uzbekistan, the UNDP project "Support for the modernization of legislation, rulemaking, and RIA" prepared a special infographic, which reveals the essence of RIA, provides statistical data on the current status of rulemaking, public consultations of legal acts, as well as an overview of the best international practices of RIA.

The above steps will certainly contribute to Uzbek Government efforts to further improve of RIA, as an effective tool to provide high quality of legislation and transparent tool for citizens participation in decision-making and to achieve overall goal to excel the regulatory policy.

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