Competition-based enrolment to Uzbek civil service is under discussion

Sep 8, 2015

The Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan on Measures to Further Improve Recruitment to National and Local Government Bodies, Professional Development, Roster Formation has been placed on the Single portal of interactive government services for public discussion. ( )

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Uzbekistan, in collaboration with UNDP Local Governance Support Project / Phase-2, has developed the Draft Resolution.

The Document stipulates common principles and rules that regulate merit-based recruitment and professional development, as well as ensure transparency of the whole recruitment process of local civil servants.

The Resolution envisages the adoption of the following Model Regulations:

  • on the procedure of merit-base recruitment of civil servants;
  • on the procedure of roster formation and roster management in National and local government bodies;
  • on the procedure of HR management.

The best international practices show that the introduction of merit-based recruitment of civil servants, improvement of transparency in recruitment and formation of roster, adoption of Ethics Code and indicator-based performance evaluation system will increase the efficiency and credibility of public service essentially.

Modernization of civil service is one of the key activity areas of UNDP within its support of ongoing public administration reform in Uzbekistan. UNDP LGSP/Phase-2 closely partners with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to develop a legal framework of contemporary civil service in Uzbekistan, and also cooperates with the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Uzbekistan to establish effective mechanisms for training and retraining of civil servants based on best international and national practices.


Public administration reform is a core area for United Nations Development Programme’s support. Today, UNDP is implementing over 500 projects in more than 124 countries worldwide, covering various aspects of public administration and local governance reform. 

UNDP contributes to the enhancement of efficiency, transparency and easy access of public services on national, regional and local levels through provision of professional and technical assistance to the Government, state authorities and civil society institutions.

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