Exploring the experience of the United States in enhancing transparency of judicial system

Mar 16, 2015

On March 15-22, 2015, nine representatives of the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan, Supreme Court Research Centre, Ministry of Justice and Supreme Economic Court of Uzbekistan will participate in a study tour to the United States to learn the US experience in enhancing transparency and accessibility of the judicial system. The study tour is organized within the framework of the joint project of UNDP and the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan – “Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan”. The project is co-financed by USAID and UNDP.

The participants of the visit will have unique opportunity to study the experience of the United States in ensuring transparency and efficiency of the judicial system. It is planned to hold meetings with the representatives of the US Supreme Court, Department of Justice, Federal Judicial Center and other relevant organizations. Participants will also explore transparency mechanisms at the US courts during their courtesy visit to the D.C. District Court, Virginia State Supreme Court and state level courts.

International workshop, themed “Improving Effectiveness of the Court and Justice Administration in Uzbekistan: Challenges and Prospects” will be the key event of the study tour and will engage US justices, representatives of Department of Justice and other experts in the judicial field. The workshop is organized with the support of the Johns Hopkins University affiliated the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Silk Road Studies Program. During the workshop, participants will present the main directions of the judicial and legal reform in Uzbekistan and the use of modern information and communication technologies to ensure transparency and openness of courts, as well as the relevant US experience in this field. Importantly, the participants will also outline further cooperation between the US and Uzbekistan in this area.

Upon their return from the study tour, based on the gained knowledge and observations, the participants will share their proposals on enhancing the transparency and accessibility of courts in Uzbekistan, as well as recommendations on effective implementation of Laws on “On petitions of physical bodies and legal entities” and “On transparency of the activity of bodies of state power and governing bodies” during a round table discussion engaging the judiciary, experts and general public. The principal of state transparency is among the key components of the national strategy on further deepening of democratic reforms and creation of civil society, proclaimed by the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in 2010 at joint session of both chambers of the parliament.

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