New opportunities for people with disabilities

Feb 2, 2015

Interesting opportunities for people with disabilities, the results of research carried out by specialized NGOs in Uzbekistan, inspiring examples and stories, fascinating social videos and other useful information is now available on a single online resource -

As pointed out by the Chairman of the Consultative Council of NGOs for people living with disabilities under NANNOUz (National NGO Association) Oybek Isakov, this resource in Uzbekistan is unique as it meets the specific needs of various groups of persons with disabilities. He said that there had been some endeavors in the past to organize similar resources, but they all failed to be sustainable due to certain circumstances.

As of today, the website, being the only one of its kind in Uzbekistan, is an information platform that promotes joint efforts of public organizations of persons with disabilities to build an inclusive society, while promoting the ratification of the UN ‘Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ and attracting increased public attention to the disability issues.

It should be highlighted that the website is not limited to addressing these large-scale issues. Its concept is based on the idea of caring for each person and their needs. The Internet platform enables people with disabilities to communicate with one another, provide mutual assistance and benefit from a wide range of opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Furthermore, the website will be helpful in improving the dialogue and developing social partnerships among government institutions, non-government organizations of people with disabilities and international organisations to create an environment without barriers.

The websites of the organizations of persons with disabilities, symbolically named "Imkoniyat" - "Opportunity", was launched on 3 of December, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, one of the most important days for the whole world.

The website was designed by non-governmental organizations of people with disabilities with the assistance from UNDP in Uzbekistan and the United Nations Volunteers as an important step towards the ratification of the ‘Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’. The Convention provides for easy access to information for people with disabilities and objective coverage of their problems in the media. A prerequisite for the ratification and subsequent implementation of the Convention is to raise awareness among all sectors of society on the key rights of persons with disabilities guaranteed by the Convention and on the additional mechanisms to protect these.

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