UNDP is Fostering the Development of e-Government in Uzbekistan

Dec 13, 2013

UNDP in Uzbekistan

On November 29, 2013, a working meeting took place between representatives of the State Committee for Communications, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies (SCCITT) and UNDP Uzbekistan to assess the new Joint project entitled ‘Promotion of e-Government to improve the quality of public services’.

In recent years the formation of ‘e-Government’ has become one of the priority tasks facing Uzbekistan. This is evidenced by significant reforms in the country on gradual implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in all spheres of government.

Speaking at the extended meeting of the Cabinet of Minister of Uzbekistan on January of this year, President Islam Karimov emphasised the importance of expedited implementation of measures and projects in the field of ICT. Specifically, he noted that within the shortest possible time it is necessary not only to catch up with the backlog in delivery of numerous types of information services, but also to enter into the category of advanced states with a high level of ICT implementation.

UNDP is the UN's global development network. It advocates for the effective use of ICT as a means to strengthen democratic processes at all levels in many countries around the world and provides access to information, thereby allowing them to participate in decision-making processes. In this context, UNDP actively promotes the implementation of ‘e-Government’, including electronic management, electronic services and electronic participation for the benefit of people, including vulnerable groups in society.

“In Uzbekistan, UNDP, through the use of modern practices and pilot projects, has been contributing to the development of e-Government. Implementation of another joint project in this area contributes to the promotion of new promising areas for implementation of ICT in public administration and provides a solid base for cooperation”, noted Mr. Jaco Cilliers, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Uzbekistan.

The Joint project on e- Government starts its activities in January 2014 and will continue until December 2016. The total budget constitutes 1 million US dollars.

The key areas of the Joint project were identified as follows:

  • Improving delivery of public online-services;
  • Improving interagency cooperation of e-Government and implementation of efficient mechanisms for business process reengineering;
  • Strengthening institutional development of e-Government by supporting the Centre for development of ‘Electronic Government’.

The implementation framework of the outlined directions entails further development of the integrated portal of online government services, assistance in development of the draft law ‘On e-Government’, strengthening the system of inter-agency interaction, capacity building of civil servants, including the Centre for development of ‘Electronic government’, an institution that provides policy recommendations on accelerating the development and implementation of e-Government in Uzbekistan.

It is noteworthy that the main partners of the Joint project will be UNDP, ‘UZINFOCOM’ State Unitary Enterprise (SUE), ‘UNICON.UZ’ SUE, Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Association of Enterprises and Organizations of UZBEKISTAN on IT, ‘CIBGroup’ company, Centre for programmers ‘BePro’, ‘Uzbektelecom’, National Broadcasting Company and others.

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