New Social Enterprise ‘Qaraqalpaq Sheberi Manzura’ Starts to Operate in Muynak

Nov 29, 2013

UNDP in Uzbekistan

A new social enterprise ‘Qaraqalpaq Sheberi Manzura’ (‘Manzura - Karakalpakstan sewer’) is up and running. The new social enterprise is the result of the joint efforts of the Khokimyiat of Muynak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and UNDP Uzbekistan with participation of NGOs ’Keuil Nuri’ and the Women's Committee of the Muynak district.

Manzura Erniyazova and Marat Tuksanbaev, both persons with disabilities, as well the Women's Committee of the Muynak district became founders of LLC ‘Qaraqalpaq Sheberi Manzura’.

Goals of the social enterprise are: establishment of new job places for persons with disabilities; exchange of knowledge, experience and information in the field of social partnership and employment of vulnerable groups, especially women with disabilities and from low-income families; professional training and work integration of persons with disabilities; social aid in cash and in kind for persons with disabilities.

Today the new social enterprise already has employed 21 employees (19 of them women), including eleven persons with disabilities.

Mr. Rashid Allabergenov, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

“Pleases the implementation of such an important social initiative in Muynak - the northernmost point of the country. We are grateful to UNDP Uzbekistan for the support and cooperation. Organisers of social enterprise are ready to employ up to 40 people in the enterprise which is subject to enough orders. We will provide full support in this area and ready for further cooperation in improvement of socio-economic protection and employment of the rural population.”

Qudaybergen Uteniyazov, Khokim of Muynak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

“The initiative of creation of a new social enterprise is very important, whereas the company employs primarily women with disabilities. The social enterprise gives those women the opportunity for self-actualisation to help not only themselves and their families, but also support in their integration to the society. Khokimyiat of Muynak district will continue to support such initiatives.”

Aizada Nurumbetova, director of the NGO Karakalpak Republican centre for support women and their families ‘Keuil Nuri’:

“Manzura Erniyazova and Marat Tuksonbaev are living in Muynak. Both of them are persons with disabilities engaged in business activities. They were able to manage not only financially support their families, but also to create a social enterprise and new job places for other people with disabilities. Of course, creation of such an enterprise with their own capital was almost impossible, but thanks to the perseverance and the ability to persuade supporters, Manzura and Marat were able to attract local governments, NGOs and international organisations to the application of their ideas.”

In order to improve the capability and performance of business enterprise as well as to create decent conditions for employees, NGO ‘Keuil Nuri’ assisted in designing of the project proposal. The new social enterprise is a vivid example of social partnership, attraction of funds from the local and international donors.

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