Winners Announced - Social Enterprises. Social Services. Social Society

Oct 31, 2013

UNDP in Uzbekistan

UNDP summarised the results of the journalists contest: ‘Social enterprises. Social services. Social society’.

More than 120 articles published in newspapers, weeklies, magazines, news sites and personal blogs, broadcast by radio waves were sent to the contest.

All works featured a deep understanding of the illuminated subjects - providing employment for vulnerable groups and coverage of this category of population with social services. This also promoted by the ‘Info Tour’ to the social enterprises and social services of the country, organised by the project for the group of journalists in June this year.

Results of contest:

First place and prize – Ms. Inna Akkermantseva, Editor in Chief of Weekly ‘Даракчи-плюс’ for number of articles at ‘Даракчи-плюс’ in Russian and Uzbek languages ‘Одам савдоси қурбонлари билан юзма юз мунозара’, ‘Дадим им точку опоры’, ‘Человек - это то, во что он верит’, ‘Думая о других, думаешь о себе’. She was awarded with Canon 1100D digital camera.

Second place and prize – Mr. Khurmet Atajanov, Editor in Chief of newspaper ‘Каракалпак университеты’ for the articles ‘Кеуиллерге нур куйып’ (about activities of NGO ‘Keuil Nuri’ on employment of women in difficult life situations) and ‘Майыпларға демеў бериуши шолкем’ (about establishment of social enterprise under Khujayly district Society of Disabled People). Prize – netbook HP MINI 200 ATOM.

Third place and prize – Ms Liliya Nikolenko, Author of project for number of articles about social enterprises in Djizak, Samarkand and Kashkadarya regions. Prize – electron book reader.

Incentive prizes  – Anvar Umarov (, Araksiya Manucharova (Radio ‘Paytaxt’), Gulmira Paloanova (Radio ‘Karakalpakstan’), Malika Reimbaeva (, Olima Khamraeva (Radio ‘Mashal’), Rimma Sabirdjanova (Radio Grand, ‘Lady’ weekly), Uzukjamol Nazarova (Newspaper ‘Qadriyat’), Ulugbek Asrorov (‘Turkiston – Press’ News Agency) and Khodjimurod Atakulov (Radio Oriat FM).

Special Prize. Chaban, made by Mukhlisa Qurbanova from Parcha Chandir village, provided by ‘Langar’  Creative Group of Journalists, Photographers, Bloggers presented to Georgiy Petrosyan, a journalist of united editorial office of the Interior Ministry

Each participant received Diplomas from the project UNDP in Uzbekistan.

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