Expansion of UN business in Karakalpakstan

Oct 30, 2013

Under the joint efforts of five UN agencies in Uzbekistan, in close cooperation with the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Ministry of Economy of Uzbekistan in June 2012, UN Joint Programme ‘Sustaining Livelihoods Affected by the Aral Sea Disaster’ has been launched.

By analysing the procurement processes, we have observed less number of submitted bids by local construction companies and encountered difficulties in preparation of bidding documents as well as technical papers during implementation and completion of construction works.

Aimed at addressing these issues and in order to wider expansion of local companies involvement in UN procurement processes, within the frame of UN Joint Programme in Karakalpakstan a training workshop ‘Opportunities for the Supply of Products and Services to the United Nations’ for representatives of local construction companies has been organised in Nukus on October 30, 2013.

The ultimate purpose of this event, as explained by UNDP Operations Manager Shavkat Muminov, is to learn how to better work with local businesses in Karakalpakstan, and to better understand their needs and requirements with major focus on implementation of civil construction works.

“By holding these kinds of events we can interact directly with vendors, see things from their perspective, and learn where we can improve our work and what we could do better,” Mr. Muminov said.

“The other benefit is that they allow us to access local products. When products of the right quality and price are available in local markets, then getting what we need becomes much faster and much easier. We can save time and resources that would be otherwise spent in dealing with international companies or bringing in equipment from overseas.”

The first half of the planned event have covered the general operations of the UN in Uzbekistan, presented major procurement trends in previous years, detailed plans for coming years and gave participating business entity representatives a chance to raise any questions they have in terms of providing goods and services to the UN.

The event has also featured practical examples of how UN procurement operates within Uzbekistan, and highlighted the addition procurement opportunities that exist outside the UN and around the world.

“It is beneficial for us to bring more venders into business, not only for UNDP but also for the rest of the international community in Uzbekistan,” Mr. Muminov said.

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