Signing of the Memorandum on the Social Order on the Establishment of Employment Services for the Persons with Disabilities

03 Oct 2013

The seminar ‘Current issues on increasing of social importance of projects, ensuring the effectiveness and targeted use of grant funds’ started its work today. Representatives of 93 NGOs and other civil society institutions, who won grants in the last contests of the Public Fund under the Oliy Majlis participated at the event. We would like to highlight the fact that, during the event the Public Fund under the Oliy Majlis and UNDP signed a memorandum of understanding on future joint activities.

We emphasise the fact that, during the official part of the event a signing ceremony of Memorandum of understanding and plan of joint activities between the Public Fund under the Oliy Majlis and UNDP was conducted. The memorandum establishes implementation of the Services in the regions to promote employment for persons with disabilities on the basis of NGOs funded by the state social order. Service model was created and tested on the basis of the Disabled Society of Pastdargom district of Samarkand region under the previous grant contest for creation of social services carried out jointly with UNDP.

Mr. Stefan Priesner, ­­­­UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative in Uzbekistan

“Over the years, UNDP has cooperating with NGOs in Uzbekistan, including both large republican and small regional NGOs. The Public Fund for Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan - one of our most important partners who plays a crucial role in creating an enabling environment for the CSO.

Together, we have implemented a variety of activities and now formalising our plans for the future which are associated with an increase in the capacity of NGOs and the further development of social partnership between government and civil society organisations.

One of the most effective mechanisms to involve NGOs’ capacity in implementation of priority socioeconomic tasks is delivering of social orders from the state authorities.”

Abdujalil Turaev, Director of the Public Fund For Support of NGOs and other Institutions of Civil Society under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

“In 2012, our fund, in cooperation with UNDP, SISF, the Fund Forum and the Mahalla Foundation conducted a grant contest for involvement of NGOs in provision of social services. According to the results of the contest the social services that have demonstrated their effectiveness have been created. Today you became witnesses of the next big step in the social services development. Signed Memorandum with UNDP in Uzbekistan is aimed at implementation of programs and projects, attraction of resources on support of socially significant projects, stimulation of development of institutes of civil society.

All partners, including the UNDP, SISF and Public Fund will participate in development of the concept of allocation of the social order, selection of NGOs and financing of the social order. Our experts will jointly travel for monitoring of social orders implementation by Social Services.”