Social Good Summit 2013 – Uzbekistan

Sep 24, 2013

UNDP in Uzbekistan: The Social Good Summit meet-up in Tashkent allowed youth to discuss the application of technology with peers from around the world

On the 24th of September 2013 a Social Good Summit (SGS) meet-up was hosted by the UN family and the Alisher Navoi National Library,, and Uztelecom as part of the global SGS conference. This year’s conference created a platform for innovators worldwide to come together and discuss one question – Where are we trying to go by 2030, and how can digital tools help us get there?

International SGS conferences are conducted each year, as forums for developing practical and original solutions to problems faced by communities around the globe. In 2012 SGS meet-ups were held in 40 countries around the world, including in Uzbekistan where the discussion considered the role of technology in addressing the challenges of today and the future through volunteerism.

The 2013 SGS meet-up in Tashkent, centred on the theme ‘Technology, data and digital media is shaping our world: the Uzbek experience’, discussed how key individuals have pioneered sustainable social initiatives in Uzbekistan. A focus of this year’s event has been how organisations big and small can work together with individuals and world leaders, in order to maximise their positive impacts on communities.

As in previous SGS meet-ups, this year’s event encouraged youth to offer their perspectives as current and future leaders and innovators, specifically by submitting proposals for small but sustainable initiatives that use technology as a means for social development.

In addition, the event gave the UN in Uzbekistan an opportunity to contribute to the international SGS conference, and to showcase its initiatives regarding youth, technology and the media. The key initiatives discussed included those encouraging youth to develop tourism through technology and communication platforms, those amplifying the voice of youth in informal and formal platforms, and those supporting youth entrepreneurship.

The event featured a pre-recorded statement by UNDP Administrator Helen Clark. Presentations were given by the ‘Social Innovation and Volunteerism in Uzbekistan’ Project Manager Bokhodir Ayupov regarding both innovation in social development and the UN APCICT Academy, by UN volunteer Vojtech Hledik regarding online volunteering, and by the social innovation project’s Community Outreach Specialist Andreas Karpati regarding innovative project ideas.