Upgrading Uzbekistan’s Civil Service System

Sep 4, 2013

Public administration reform is a key component of UNDP’s work around the globe, and is the focus of 500 projects in 124 countries worldwide. In Uzbekistan the agency is contributing to the establishment of an effective, transparent and accountable public administration system at central and local levels, while providing professional expertise and assistance to the government, bodies of state authority and administration, and civil society institutions.

In its work to develop an effective capacity building system for national public service, UNDP has established a cooperative relationship with the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The results of the partnership have included the ‘Jamiyat va boshqaruv’ electronic journal to be launched in September-October 2013, a Youth Information Electronic Resource Centre, access to the ‘JSTOR’ and ‘OECF-iLibrary’ databases, and a distance education portal (max.dba.uz).

UNDP and the Academy are also developing a study manual on civil service and the basic concepts of civil society, which will be used as an information source for national civil servants, teaching staff and academy students. The two partners have also established a Memorandum of Understanding that promotes learning processes and strengthens the Academy’s educational and knowledge base.

The memorandum has addressed the need for education in a number of fields, including in local development and planning, resource management, civil service reform and best public administration practices. The memorandum has also covered the need to spread awareness of best international practices in the fields of public administration and civil service, regional development strategies, and sustainable development.

The Academy’s Deputy President Mr. Obit Khakimov has highlighted the Memorandum’s importance. “We consider the Memorandum with UNDP to be part of the process undertaken towards strengthening our international cooperation,” he said. “Today the Academy has created favourable conditions for introducing advanced international experience into educational and research practices, and UNDP has provided great support in this regard.”

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