Celebrating the 22nd Anniversary of Uzbekistan's Independence

Sep 1, 2013

UNDP in Uzbekistan

22 years ago, on the 1st of September, 1991, Uzbekistan became an independent nation and opened a new chapter in its history. In this relatively short period of time, through a process of gradual reforms, the country has achieved important milestones in moving forward its socio-economic development agenda.

As mentioned by the President, H.E. Islom Karimov in his speech at the Celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of the country’s independence, Uzbekistan is pursuing the goal of building a democratic state with a market economy and a civil society, to join the ranks of advanced nations around the globe.

The UN family in Uzbekistan is fully committed to supporting the Government and the people of Uzbekistan in the achievement of these formidable aspirations.

Uzbekistan effectively cooperates within the framework of the UN General Assembly and with the various specialised institutions of the UN system. Since independence Uzbekistan has signed onto several UN Conventions on the protection of human rights, on security, on environmental protection and in other areas, and the UN looks forward to working with the Republic of the Uzbekistan in the implementation of these conventions.

Through our joint strategy with the Government, the UN has been supporting Uzbekistan in addressing a wide range of needs through concrete local and national level interventions, policy advice and capacity development, as well as by sharing knowledge and experiences from other parts of the world.  Our support covers a diverse range of areas, including economic wellbeing, health, education, the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS, social protection, natural resources management and environmental protection, gender equality, and the promotion of effective governance and public service delivery.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen the partnership between the UN and the Republic of Uzbekistan, and to build a future filled with promise and opportunities for all.

I wish the people of Uzbekistan peace, prosperity, health and happiness in the years to come.

Katta Rakhmat!