Good marketing as a factor for boosting sales

Jul 1, 2013

A recent training provided entrepreneurs and craftspeople with the knowledge and skills needed to market their products to expanding customer bases.

Alongside 30 other businesspeople, embroidery master Khurshida Khaytbaeva attended the training.

For Ms. Khaytbaeva, the practical skills she and her fellow participants learnt will mean stronger business approaches and greater opportunities for success. “Of course you can see what others do and follow them in business and even make some profit. However, one has to always focus on a consumer and what he/she thinks of your business and take that into account,” she said. “I believe that regardless of the size of a business, one should participate in this kind of very useful training.”

“It seems to me that the training has been useful not only for experienced businesspeople, but also for younger ones. Competent strategy, timely marketing research and ‘smart’ advertising can help start-ups become successful, long-term businesses,” adds commercial designer Akramjon Qodirov, who started his business in 20 years ago.

The comprehensive training event was designed to give participants all the skills they would need to create successful businesses, covering marketing approaches and applications, customer classifications, the behaviour and factors that influence purchasing decisions, approaches to marketing research and data collection, and the role of innovation in business.

Case studies of some of the world’s most successful brands, including Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, Kodak, Adidas, Puma and Mitsubishi, illustrated how the core principles taught during the training have been applied to great success within the business world.

Discussion sessions gave participants a chance to exchange views and suggestions regarding different business procedures, while they also had a chance to read and offer their feedback regarding a recently-developed practical guide to marketing. Each training participant agreed that they would become a business consultant, and agreed to share the practices they had learnt within their communities.

The ‘Support to Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion in Uzbekistan’ project has held extensive business trainings throughout Uzbekistan and produced guidelines designed to support entrepreneurs in developing their businesses and building a presence in international markets.

The training in Namangan was attended by representatives from MFERIT, the Regional Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Namangan Branch of the Hunarmand Association.