Launch of the first Café Scientifique in Uzbekistan

Jun 13, 2013

UNDP in Uzbekisan: The Café Scientifique provides a dose of coffee and academic conversation

The ‘Café Scientifique’ is a great opportunity for students, professors and researchers to talk about scientific topics in an accessible and understandable way. The principle of Café Scientifique is scientific knowledge for the price of a cup of coffee!

At the café, even the most complex scientific topics become accessible to all. Boring lectures are replaced with interesting dialogues and interactive discussions. Obscure scientific terms, formulas and complicated diagrams are avoided or carefully explained.

The creation of this new establishment in Uzbekistan, supported by UNDP/UNV’s ‘Social Innovation and Volunteerism in Uzbekistan’ project, comes at an important time. Global warming, the global financial crisis, new advances in genetic modification, the controversy surrounding stem cells, globalisation and other important issues are all topics that will need to be addressed by the world’s future leaders. The café gives students a chance to discuss these matters with leading scientists and experts.

The establishment of the Café Scientifique as a way of promoting public interest in science, of increasing its accessibility to the public, and of organising informal meetings between scientists and inquisitive participants, is not unique to Tashkent. Indeed the first Café Scientifique was created back in 1998 by a group of enthusiasts in the city of Leeds in the UK, and since then over forty cafés have been created around the world.

In close cooperation with partners such as the ‘Alisher Navoi’ National Library of Uzbekistan, the ‘Social Innovation and Volunteerism in Uzbekistan’ project intends to conduct monthly Café Scientifique events, inviting specialists and experts from various fields as well as prominent public figures. The first guest of Café Scientifique is the Director of the Institute of Astronomy, and the Chief Editor of ‘Science and Life’ magazine, Mr. Egamberdiev Shukhrat Abdumannapovich.

For more information please visit the link:

The first Café Scientifique meeting will commence at 19:00 on the 14th of June at the Book Cafe, Istiqbol str. 8, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100047.

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