Starting off the Weeklong Social Innovation Workshop - ITERATE

May 14, 2013

UNDP in Uzbekistan: Solving complex problems by learning to analyse them from different perspectives

Today is the start of the ITERATE workshop that trains young participants in methods of social innovation for community development projects.

ITERATE is an eight-day learning experience. Twenty selected training participants will be working together, and will learn how to observe a problem, to design and test a solution, and to create a business strategy. ITERATE will help them to apply these new skills in their own projects, and to share them in their communities.

The ITERATE workshop will be facilitated by two international innovation experts. Their vast experience in and deep knowledge of Design Strategy will enable the participants to learn about ‘design thinking’ as a cutting-edge method for social innovation, for the very first time in Uzbekistan.

During the eight days of the workshop, ITERATE participants will be trained to solve complex problems by learning to analyse them from different perspectives. Most importantly, participants will learn how to view various challenges from the perspective of those experiencing them. Participants will leave ITERATE knowing how to recognise and tackle community development challenges in an innovative way that always puts the well-being of real people first.

The ITERATE workshop is part of a broader set of initiatives carried out by the ‘Social Innovation and Volunteerism in Uzbekistan’ project. The overarching aim is to create widespread awareness about the concept of social innovation, as well as to help launch concrete projects.

A Social Innovation Lab, to be implemented soon, will serve as an information hub and physical space to support social innovation projects. Meanwhile a mini-grants scheme with awards worth up to 3 million UZS, provided jointly by the project and Kelajak Ovozi Centre for Young Initiatives, will give groups of young volunteers the opportunity to implement small-scale projects in their communities. 

The workshop has been made possible with the partnership of UNDP-UNV ‘Social Innovation and Volunteerism in Uzbekistan’ project and the Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT).

The ITERATE workshop will commence at 9:00 am, May 15th in the Westminster International University in Tashkent building, 12 Istiqbol St., Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100047. 

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