Building Dialogue between Craftspeople and the Marketplace

May 14, 2013

Local entrepreneurs and artisans in the Namangan region of Uzbekistan have taken part in a seminar on ‘Key Issues in Sales and Development of Handicrafts based on Individual Entrepreneurship’. The seminar addressed challenges faced in terms of the production rates and sales of entrepreneurs and artisans, and the methods which can be used to develop their skills and improve their legal and economic literacy.

More than 40 members of the ‘Khunarmand’ Association from the Chust, Kasansay and Namangan Districts, and experienced experts from the Entrepreneurship Registration Inspection of the Kasansay District Administration, the Regional Department of the Customs Committee, the Regional Tax Authority, and the Department of the Ministry of Justice and Regional Branch of the Central Bank, all participated in the event.

The event began with a presentation by experts who provided information about existing opportunities for the development of the handicrafts industry and related legislative changes, which have affected the production and trade of handicraft products. In particular it was noted that on the 20th of March, 2013, the Resolution 2436 ‘On approving the list of technological equipment, imported into the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan free from import duties and valued added tax’ was registered by the Ministry of Justice.

In order to streamline discussion the participants were divided into three thematic groups, the first focusing on methods of working with regulatory authorities during production processes, the second focusing on running family businesses, and the third focusing on methods of improving foreign and domestic trade. During the discussions each group identified challenges that need to be addressed, and came up with proposals.

These proposals were then grouped into three areas, including those that can be implemented through the use of artisan resources, those that can be implemented through the authority of local administration, and those that require changes to legal documents.

The discussion participants received detailed answers from qualified experts, to questions regarding product export and import, the registration of businesses, the purchase of equipment on a professional basis, and other related issues.

“The fact that the workshop was organised specifically for crafts-people was very useful for us,” said Ms. Mohigul Tajibayeva, a craftswoman from the Chust district. “We had the opportunity to discuss not only general issues, but also specific matters that are most relevant to craftspeople.”

The seminar has been organised by the Namangan Regional Branch of the ‘Khunarmand’ Association, and the UNDP ‘Support to Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion in Uzbekistan’ project.

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