Bringing UN Business to the Regions of Uzbekistan

May 7, 2013

UNDP in Uzbekistan: Local entrepreneurs attending a lecture concerning business in Uzbekistan

By procuring locally-produced goods and services in Uzbekistan, the UN can support small and medium business, can guarantee that business transactions are made efficiently, cost-effectively and on time, and can ensure that the delivered products meet the specific needs of initiative beneficiaries.

In short, working with local business gives the UN yet another means to directly enhance development in Uzbekistan.

Following a series of similar events held in Tashkent city in previous years, UNDP and Uzbekistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry will hold the ‘Opportunities for the Supply of Products and Services to the United Nations’ business forum in the nation’s prosperous Fergana region on Tuesday the 7th of May.

The ultimate purpose of this event, as explained by UNDP Operations Manager Shavkat Muminov, is to learn how to better work with local businesses, and to better understand their needs and requirements.

“By holding these kinds of events we can interact directly with venders, see things from their perspective, and learn where we can improve our work and what we could do better,” Mr. Muminov said.

“The other benefit is that they allow us to access local products. When products of the right quality and price are available in local markets, then getting what we need becomes much faster and much easier. We can save time and resources that would be otherwise spent in dealing with international companies or bringing in equipment from overseas.”

The first half of the planned event will cover the general operations of the UN in Uzbekistan, present major procurement trends in previous years, detail plans for coming years and give participating businesspeople a chance to raise any questions they have in terms of providing goods and services to the UN.

The event will also feature practical examples of how UN procurement operates within Uzbekistan, and will highlight the additional procurement opportunities that exist outside the UN and around the world.

“It is beneficial for us to bring more venders into business, not only for UNDP but also for the rest of the international community in Uzbekistan,” Mr. Muminov said.

The upcoming business forum will be held at the ‘Asia Fergana’ hotel in Fergana City. This initiative is the result of partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and UNDP in Uzbekistan.