• UNDP Trains Experts to Efficiently Measure and Calculate Water Resources Mar 10, 2017

    About 60 experts of irrigative systems of Uzbekistan and specialists from the united dispatch center of the Fergana Valley and the Research Institute of Irrigation and Water Problems undergone two week intensive trainings on standardization, certification of gauging stations, measurement and recording of water, and the construction and equipping of hydraulic structures. The intensive training course was organized by the joint UNDP/ Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘Technical Capacity Building’ - is implemented within the framework of the EU Programme on the ‘Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan’.

  • Technovation Challenge Uzbekistan 2017 - Girls for a change! Feb 4, 2017

    Worldwide Information Technologies sector is undergoing a rapid growth, and often demand for qualified personnel in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) far outnumbers supply. In addition, gender imbalances in STEM sectors remains relatively high. For example, women comprise no more than 26% of the workforce in STEM industries in developed countries.

  • UNDP Facilitates Сapacity Building Trainings for Refrigeration Specialists Jan 20, 2017

    Four refrigeration specialists from Uzbekistan representing private sector and academia participated in the international training for trainers on “Safe handling of Propane (R290) as ozone depleting substances -free refrigerant” held in Springe, Germany.

  • UN Agencies launch a joint programme to mitigate environmental crisis in the Aral Sea Region Jan 12, 2017

    Human induced activities more often become the reason for man-made environmental disasters. In Central Asia the chief among them is the Aral Sea disaster and desertification. It has had serious socio-economic impact on the livelihoods of millions. The issue of mitigating the Aral Sea disaster for population affected is vital and critical not only for Uzbekistan, but also for the Eurasian region.

  • Results of UNDP Project for enhancement of lawmaking and RIA were summed up Dec 23, 2016

    On December 23, 2016, a Project Board Meeting of the UNDP Project "Support to the Enhancement of Law-making, Rule-making and Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)" was held in Poytakht Business Center to discuss the project's overall results achieved during operating period (2014 - 2016) and plans for the next phase.

  • Time to sum up and set further tasks Dec 22, 2016

    On December 22, 2016 in the conference room of Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan a session of the Interagency Work Group was held focused on the analysis of the progress of implementation of the joint Project of Supreme Court, USAID and UNDP named “Rule of law partnership in Uzbekistan”.

  • Implementing accessible and convenient e-services: experience of Latvia discussed Dec 9, 2016

    Latvia has succeeded in improving the quality of public service delivery through effective and rational introduction of ICT in public administration. Today, 96% of businesses and over 73% of population in Latvia have access to high-speed Internet. More than 60% of population prefers digital form of getting public services and this figure is growing annually. In this regard, learning best Latvian practices in promoting e-services is interesting for Uzbekistan.

  • Hydrometric specialists improve professional qualification Dec 6, 2016

    The role of irrigation in the socio-economic wellbeing of the people in Uzbekistan can hardly be overestimated. A proper irrigation system management mostly depends on highly qualified specialists in the field of hydrometry. Therefore, improving knowledge of water management specialists responsible for water metering and distribution is highly important.

  • Elderly people receive better assistance and home care Dec 2, 2016

    Traditionally the elderly were a lynchpin in Uzbekistan’s family-led society – they hold respect from their families and communities, and the care they receive from their families is an assumption. But if for some reasons the elderly persons become lonely they can feel abandoned and isolated. Lubov Kuzmina has lived this life.

  • The biggest biogas facility became operational in Andijan region Nov 28, 2016

    Uzbekistan has substantial renewable energy potential, which is still largely untapped. According to the preliminary estimates, total potential of biogas in Uzbekistan is estimated to exceed 8.9 billion cubic meters annually. As the calorific value, this corresponds to 6.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas, accounting for more than 10% of annual demand for energy in Uzbekistan.

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