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  • 01 Jun 2014
    Young Rescuers

    Tashkent hosted a Republican competition among “Young Rescuers” teams established based on the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On full-scale preparedness activities of population for emergency situations (natural or man-made disasters) caused by an earthquake”.

  • 26 May 2014
    The Best Practices of One-Stop-Shops in Chirchik, Djizak and Namangan Cities are Discussed

    The khokimyiat of Chirchik city hosted the Workshop entitled “Activity of OSS to provide public services to individuals and legal entities: practical experience and prospects”. The event was organized by the administration of Tashkent region, regional division of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Joint Programme of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan and UNDP 'Local Governance Support/Phase-2' (LGSP-2).

  • 26 May 2014
    The Next Generation of Human Development

    25-year-old Abbos Sulaymanov’s life passions are closely intertwined. In his professional life the Tashkent resident works with businesses in Uzbekistan, to ensure that they best utilise their skills and abilities, and respect the individuality of their employees, in line with international standards. In this way he makes organisations more effective, and better places to be employed.

  • 22 May 2014
    Stefan Priesner: Opening speech on World Biodiversity Day

    Dear co-organizers, dear participants Welcome and happy World Biodiversity Day! Recently travelled to Karakalpakstan for a field trip to Ustyurt – Sudochi in the middle of the desert, which is a true miracle of biodiversity with many species of birds. However it was heartbreaking to see the dying Aral Sea. Difference was Planets Earth and Mars.

  • 22 May 2014
    Сelebration of the Biological Diversity Day

    The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection, Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme supported by UNDP in Uzbekistan held an information seminar dedicated to the Сelebration of the Biological Diversity Day.

  • 15 May 2014
    The role of NGOs in preparation for the ratification and implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities discussed during the roundtable

    On May 7, 2014 United Nations Development Programme in Uzbekistan in partnership with the National Human Rights Centre (NHRC) and the Uzbek Society of Disabled Persons organized a round table on: 'The role of NGOs in preparation for the ratification and implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities'.

  • 25 Apr 2014
    UNDP will assist Government of Uzbekistan in modernization of regulatory policy

    A new joint project between the United Nations Development Programme and the Institute for Monitoring of Current Legislation under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan entitled "Support to Enhancement of Lawmaking, Rulemaking and RIA" was successfully discussed

  • 24 Apr 2014
    Stefan Priesner: Opening Speech at the International Conference on “Ensuring labor rights: the experience of Uzbekistan and international labor standards”

    A very warm welcome on behalf of the UN system in Uzbekistan. It is a pleasure to be here in the international conference on “Ensuring labor rights: the experience of Uzbekistan and international labor standards”. I would like to congratulate the co-organizers of the conference, which is a very timely and important event. This is why I would like to look at the significance of the conference from three angles: from the perspective of the current development position of Uzbekistan; from the rights angle; and from the view of cooperation between the Government and the United Nations.

  • 23 Apr 2014
    UNDP’s new pilot region for local governance modernization

    United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative in Uzbekistan Stefan Priesner discussed with the Khokim of Tashkent Region, Senator Akhmadjon Usmanov the cooperation within the Local Governance Support Programme Phase -2, jointly implemented with the UNDP and Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan.

  • 18 Apr 2014
    Stefan Priesner: Speech at the joint seminar “Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia”

    Dear Co-organizers, dear delegations from all Central Asian countries, dear participants of the seminar! Welcome on behalf of the UN in Uzbekistan It is a pleasure to be here at the regional seminar on the Integrated Water Resources Management. Water is at the core of sustainable development.

  • 18 Apr 2014
    Regional Integrated Water Management

    In his opening speech, UN Resident Coordinator Stefan Priesner highlighted the need for the further promotion of integrated water resources management in a regional context, a focus in which sister agency UNRCCA is particularly active. He highlighted the need for regional cooperation in the management of water resources as of paramount importance regional sustainable development.

  • 28 Mar 2014
    Call for applications for participation at the Summer School 2014 on Human Development

    UNDP in Uzbekistan announces registration of applicants for Summer School on human development 2014. The main objective of the Summer School on human development 2014 is to equip participants with understanding of trends of human development at global, regional and national levels, to review tools to explore measurements of human development, including the Millennium Development Goals

  • 19 Mar 2014
    Meeting with staff of the ‘CNPC Silk Road Group LLC’ company

    The ‘CNPC Silk Road Group LLC’ company is one of the partners of the ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Uzbekistan’s Oil and Gas Sector Policies and Operations’ project which is the joint project of UNDP/GEF/Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • 05 Mar 2014
    Registering Businesses Online: A Progressive Step Forward in Improving Uzbekistan’s Business Environment

    According to the law, state registration of enterprises and entrepreneurs as business entities is a starting point for any business. Given that the state registration for businesses is mandatory, the number of entrepreneurs is rising, and that technologies are spreading at a high speed, the President of Uzbekistan arranged to simplify business registration process (see Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 18.07.2012 № UP - 4455).

  • 05 Mar 2014
    Inclusive Business: An Opportunity Where Everybody Wins!

    Businesses nowadays seek ways of becoming more active, innovative, and responsive to changes, and big potential for entrepreneurial development lies where it is not usually searched- among low income, vulnerable or marginalised layers of population. This led to the emergence of the ‘Inclusive Business’ concept, which is getting a lot of attention from companies nowadays.

  • 28 Feb 2014
    Regional Training-of-Trainers Course for Staff of Border Management Agencies in Central Asia

    The five-day Regional Training-of-Trainers workshop, organised by the EU-UNDP Border Management in Central Asia Programme in partnership with the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, was closed today. Twenty-two training instructors/trainers from Border Guard Service, Customs, Phyto-Sanitary, Veterinary and Quarantine Control from Central Asia participated in the workshop.

  • 28 Feb 2014
    Every Drop Matters

    Providing its people with clean drinking water is the country’s priority. With the financial support from the regional UNDP program ‘Every Drop Matters’ the project built a drinking water supply system for ‘Kanal Yoka’ and ‘Nurobod’ villages in the Samarkand Region. As a result of the works carried out, over 2,000 residents of these villages now have access to clean drinking water.

  • 28 Feb 2014
    “E-SUD” information system

    In “E-SUD” information system developers combined such tasks as: implementation of electronic document flow in courts, usage of modern mechanisms to notify civil process parties, preparation of court decisions and interim rulings by using templates, unified calendar of court hearings, court decisions database, collection and preparation of statistical reportings of courts, etc. In addition project also plans to include the possibility of audio-video recording of court handlings and online participation in court hearings.

  • 27 Feb 2014
    How an artisan can become a successful exporter?

    Can I export leather products? Where and how can I get loan for start-up capital? How to register family based enterprise? Can I hire additional workforce if I’m an individual entrepreneur? These and other questions were discussed during the interactive training in Namangan and gathered more than 30 artisans and entrepreneurs of Namangan region.

  • 19 Feb 2014
    Towards more Efficient and Transparent Public Procurement

    Initial version of the draft Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Public Procurement” and draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On measures for further improvement of public procurement of goods (works, services)", have been discussed during the extended meeting of the Interagency Working Group held on 14-16 February 2014 in Tashkent region.