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 UNDP in Uzbekistan: Strengthened relations with international partners has helped Uzbekistan prepare for a brighter future

Since the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals in 2000, the Government of Uzbekistan has worked extensively with the UN and other partners to better coordinate aid for development. The plan for coordination and cooperation between Uzbekistan and its UN partners has been outlined within the United Nations Development Assistance Framework. Phases I and II of the national Welfare Improvement Strategy have played an important role in coordinating overall aid flow and enhancing its efficiency. 

In 2010, a total of $138.2 million of technical assistance was offered to Uzbekistan by international financial institutions, foreign governments and non-governmental organisations, helping to improve the quality of life of the nation’s citizens. 36 per cent of this assistance was dedicated to healthcare, 24 per cent to agriculture, and 17 per cent to education.

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