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Child drinking clean water from pump. UNDP works to give children in Uzbekistan the best environment in which to grow and developUNDP in Uzbekistan: Vital resources such as clean drinking water help to ensure that every child in Uzbekistan can enjoy the best start in life.

Official statistics show that child mortality in Uzbekistan decreased from 28.5 cases per 1000 live births in 2000, to 14.1 cases in 2011. To reduce infant and child mortality, the Government of Uzbekistan has cooperated with the international community to implement targeted reforms in pre-natal, emergency obstetric and new-born care. Health care system reforms have had a positive impact on women’s health, and have led to significant progress in reducing infant and child mortality rates.

Despite these achievements, the quality of medical aid provided during the neonatal period should be improved, as more than 50 per cent of child mortality cases still occur in the first 30 days of life. Other causes of child deaths include pneumonia and diarrhoea, while 1 in 5 children are malnourished. The risks of child and infant mortality are mainly determined by levels of women’s reproductive health, as well as the quality of health services provided during the pre-natal and new-born periods.

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