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 UNDP in Uzbekistan: An extremely high level of education coverage has been achieved in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has achieved a high level of education coverage, evident in its 99.4 per cent literacy rate as of 2011. Measures taken by the National Staff Training Programme and the National Programme of School Education Development have resulted in a considerable improvement of school infrastructure, equipment base and IT technology access, laying a good groundwork to improve basic primary and secondary education. Education has remained a high national priority, with total government expenditure on education remaining at around 8-9 per cent of the GDP.

However, challenges are still faced in the education sector. The gross enrolment rate of boys and girls has reduced from 99.3 and 98.9 per cent in 2000 to 96 and 93.2 per cent in 2011, respectively, and this trend needs to be reversed. National development initiatives should focus on improving the monitoring and evaluation of the education sector’s needs, improving the effectiveness of public financing for education and curriculum development, and enhancing the national incentive-based teaching system.

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