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A New Approach to Budgeting in Uzbekistan

Result-oriented Budgeting is an innovative approach to the planning and execution of state budgets, where budget performance is assessed not in terms of its execution, but in terms of its achievement of ultimate goals and results. This was how Botir Pardaev, the Head of the Treasury of the Ministry more


Cold Storage Systems - Keeping Food Fresh for Longer

Uzbekistan’s fruits and vegetables are in demand in both domestic and foreign markets, but preserving the freshness and quality of food is crucial for both customers and manufacturers. Considerable effort has therefore been dedicated to investigating methods and systems of keeping food fresh for lonmore


Improved Skills, Better Products

It is every ambitious entrepreneur’s dream to bring their products to an international market. It means a greater source of revenue, a chance to expand business operations, and an opportunity to become a recognised and respected brand. To ensure that independent footwear producers in Uzbekistan’s Namore


Practical Ways of Improving Irrigation in Karakalpakstan

Ensuring self-sufficient, environmentally-appropriate and productive agriculture in areas of degraded land, such as that in the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, requires sustainable irrigation practices. Introducing tried-and-tested laser levelling techniques can help ensure that limited irrigmore

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