Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

UNDP’s work to enhance economic development in the Republic of Uzbekistan comes at an important time, as it continues its gradual economic transition and works to overcome hurdles appearing in the process. UNDP is working to improve economic governance in Uzbekistan, while working with civil society and the private sector to generate employment opportunities, improve rural livelihoods, introduce micro-finance and business advisory services, facilitate cross-learning and encourage entrepreneurship.


UNDP has worked with national NGOS and government partners to achieve its objectives, working to conduct grassroots programs to benefit local communities while providing policy advice and building national capacities in key economic areas, in order to increase employment and limit poverty. It also works to enhance the Government of Uzbekistan’s ability to develop and pursue cross-sectorial policies, and to provide support at a regional level for formulating regional and local development strategies. more

Improving Irrigation in Karakalpakstan

Introducing tried-and-tested laser levelling techniques can help ensure that limited irrigation water is used as effectively as possible, obtaining the best possible outputs while guaranteeing the land’s continued fertility.more

Our Stories

Cold Storage Systems - Keeping Food Fresh for Longer

Uzbekistan’s fruits and vegetables are in demand in both domestic and foreign markets, but preserving the freshness and quality of food is crucial for both customers and manufacturers. Considerable effort has therefore been dedicated to investigating methods and systems of keeping food fresh for longer.more 

A New Approach to Budgeting in Uzbekistan

Result-oriented Budgeting is an innovative approach to the planning and execution of state budgets, where budget performance is assessed not in terms of its execution, but in terms of its achievement of ultimate goals and results.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • UN Aral Sea Programme

    The 'UN Aral Sea Programme' works to improve the economic, food, health and environmental security of low-income rural communities of Karakalpakstan.more 

  • Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase II)

    The 'Business Forum of Uzbekistan' works to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Uzbekistan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to introduce regulatory changes and develop legislation to facilitate international business, to establish an effective system of business support services, and to promote public-private partnerships and inclusive market development.more 

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