Climate Change and Environment

Uzbekistan’s climatic and geographic features, and its unique ecosystems which are home to globally significant flora and fauna, have made environmental sustainability a national priority. Given rapid economic development in recent years, Uzbekistan recognises the need to balance economic growth and environmental protection. Therefore, a major national objective is to ensure that Uzbekistan’s environment is effectively protected and sustainably utilised for the benefit of future generations. Through capacity building and piloting initiatives, UNDP has contributed to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal 7 and corresponding national MDG targets.


UNDP’s Environment and Energy Unit works in collaboration with national and international partners to strengthen environmental governance, to build institutional and individual capacities to mitigate anticipated climate change impacts, to mainstream biodiversity conservation principles into sectorial policies and programmes, and to promote renewable energy and sustainable use of land and water resources. UNDP works at policy and community levels to promote best local and international practices in the field of environment and energy in Uzbekistan. more

Gardens in the Desert

For Navruzhon Alanova, her garden is almost a miracle. What was before a block of dry, loose sand, is now a fertile plot producing fresh fruits and vegetables for her family. more

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Is Biogas Just Hot Air?

Biogas is the reason why today the Urgench farmer Bazarboy has travelled from his home town to Bukhara. For him, producing biogas from animal manure will have multiple benefits for his farm, and these benefits are well worth the trip.more 

Looking Forward to Safe Drinking Water at Canal Yoqa

Access to clean water is fundamentally important to the health of a community. The UNDP project ‘Integrated Water Management and Water Efficiency Plan for Zarafshan River Basin’ , which promotes water efficiency in the at-risk region, has received an additional $74,970 from the Regional Water Partnership (RWP) Initiative - a joint effort by UNDP and the Coca-Cola Company.more 

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