Replacing Paperwork with IT in Uzbekistan’s Local Government

Local government employees use the newly-installed electronic document sharing software
UNDP in Uzbekistan: By replacing an outdated paperwork approach to administration with a streamlined electronic system, local government offices can offer better services to their regions

For many years the daily work of Mr. Furqat Sanginov, a senior officer in the local government of Uzbekistan’s Djizakh region, has been a bureaucratic nightmare. His problems were symptomatic of a system reliant on paperwork and defined by inefficiency, but all this changed since the introduction of a new IT system in his office in early 2011.

By using a computer connected to a unified electronic database in his day-to-day work, Mr. Sanginov not only helps save his office from debilitating time delays while reducing its costs by $9000 each year, but more importantly he ensures that members of the greater public can obtain the best possible service.


  • The 'E-Hujjat' e-document flow system has been installed in 27 government offices throughout Uzbekistan.
  • Cutting back on paperwork has saved significant funds to be spent elsewhere, while the level of available service has greatly improved.

“A simple process that previously took hours now only takes mere minutes,” said Mr. Sanginov, sitting at a table that was once covered by papers, but now only holds a few files and his desktop computer.

 “The speed with which we can now process information, and meet people’s needs, has never been surpassed.

In line with requests outlined in relevant government decrees of 2005 and 2011, UNDP has successfully installed the ‘E-Hujjat’ e-document flow system in 14 government offices throughout Djizakh, and in 13 offices in the Namangan region. This system has allowed the instant transferal of documents from office to office.

Necessary IT equipment, including multifunctional printers, document scanners and local network items, have been delivered in order to further enhance the e-document flow system. Meanwhile 150 government employees including Mr. Sanginov have been trained to use the new software.

The new IT system has resulted in considerable annual savings, $17,000 in Djizakh alone, which can be better spent in other ways.

“In 2012 the consumption of paper decreased by 2 to 3 times,” Head of the Administrative Department of the Djizakh Regional Government Mr. Vakhob Alimkulov said.

“We can pass these savings to other budgets; for example, the drinking water supply, the installation of pipelines, urban improvement and the handling of other urgent issues.”

The success of the ‘E-HUJJAT’ system was highlighted at a presentation held on the 30th of January 2013 at the Museum of History of Uzbekistan, attended by more than 120 representatives from various ministries, agencies, UNDP and the media.

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