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A Salary for Today, and a Future for Tomorrow

For Jamshid Sa’dullaev, crafting high-quality shoes and developing his leatherworking skills not only means a regular income but also greater self-esteem and confidence, a better quality of life, and stronger sense of place within society. Mr. Sa’dullaev is just one of a dozen permanent employees ofmore


Development for Tourism, Tourism for Development

The Zaamin region of Uzbekistan’s countryside has untold potential for adventure tourism. While this is great news for the domestic and international holidaymakers who have made their way to the new hotspot, efforts have been made to ensure that their arrival will directly benefit local residents limore


Knowledge is the Key to HIV Prevention

Zebiniso Muhsinova is only 21, but she nevertheless conducts her HIV awareness mini-sessions for schoolchildren with the confidence and flair of a veteran trainer. “The active participation of young people, and their eagerness to learn about and secure themselves against HIV, sexually transmitted dimore