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      • Pistachios - A Positive Legacy for the Future of Rural Uzbekistan

        24 Apr 2014

        From little things...Bastankul Saidkulov demonstrates how pistachio seedlings are best cared for.

        By Online Communications Assistant James Brindley For some farmers they were a means to improve the fertility of overworked soil. Some saw them a hardy crop that can deliver profits even in extreme conditions, while others saw their potential to boost employment in communities. Many considered them a long-lasting investment that would support not only themselves but also their children and descendants. In February 2014, 40 farmers from Uzbekistan’s Djizakh, Samarkand and Tashkent travelled to Tashkent city to learn about Central Asia’s native pistachio crop. They took part in the ‘How to create a varietal pistachio plantation – a new, cost solution for the effective use of land in the rain-fed area of the Tashkent Region’ seminar, held at the office of the Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan, at the nation’s capital of Tashkent. Organised by both the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) as implemented by UNDP in Uzbekistan, and its national partners, the event was a chance for farmers to discuss the crop and how its benefits. For Tashkent region farmer Joravoy Odinayev, who lives in a community with low employment, the nuts are a significant long-term investment. “It is a very export-viable product,” Joravoy told UNDP.Read More

      • Paternity leave – to take or not to take?

        06 Mar 2014


        Blog by Ugiloy Juraboeva & Zumrad Sagdullaeva Does it struck you too how strange it is that women in our offices take maternity leave automatically but among men it is not taken for granted? We, Ugiloy and Zumrad, were interested to know more about the trends among our male colleagues in UNDP on use of the paternity leave entitlement. If there are cases of refusal, we wanted to dig deeper and find out the rationale and possible hindrances which were ‘invisible to the eye’. That is how this blog idea came to us. In order to get answers to these questions we conducted interviews with male colleagues who had embraced parenthood for the last 5 years.  First of all, we have learnt that despite good ‘delivery rate’, very few decided to take paternity leave, but those who did seemed to have incredibly benefited from the precious memories and quality time spent with a newborn. You can enjoy reading, impressions of our colleague, Azizkhon Bakhadirov, in his blog. Secondly, the interviews revealed many interesting factors that influence men’s decision as to the paternity leave, particularly when it comes to reasons not to take it, which in summary include the following: ·         underestimationRead More

      • Gender equality in Uzbekistan: why do I care about it?

        05 Mar 2014


        Blog by Ziyodullo Parpiev This picture was taken several years ago as evidence that a UNDP project was helping a community to bring safe drinking water. In the picture you will see that the women are digging a ditch with ketmen, a traditional shovel-type instrument in Uzbekistan. What are men doing? They are standing nearby and commanding the earth-digging process. Maybe the picture was not intended to mean it, but for me it is a symbol of gender equality in the country. Just few numbers – women constitute 45.4% of all employed (in 2012), but they are primarily employed in low-paying sectors such as health care and education (76.2% and 68.4% of total employment in those sectors, respectively). Women are greatly underrepresented in sectors with higher wage such as construction (9.2%), transport and communications (12.2%) and manufacturing (39.3%). As a result, women end up earning on average 30-40% less than men. Very important difference between men and women is time spent on un-paid work at home: women on average spend almost 4 hours on housekeeping and other household chores, while men spend only 1 hour every day (data on time spent on different activities comes from 2005 ADB survey as reportedRead More