Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase II)

Project Goal

New entrepreneurs learn the skills needed to expand their businesses and appeal to broader marketsUNDP in Uzbekistan: New entrepreneurs learn the skills needed to expand their businesses and appeal to broader markets

The 'Business Forum of Uzbekistan' works to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Uzbekistan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to introduce regulatory changes and develop legislation to facilitate international business, to establish an effective system of business support services, and to promote public-private partnerships and inclusive market development.
This is the 2nd phase of the project, which is mainly aimed at supporting the development of the private sector. This sector plays a key role in Uzbekistan’s sustainable economic growth, while providing a source of wealth and competitiveness. Uzbekistan’s private sector produces goods and services, provides jobs, generates public sector revenue, and creates and maintains infrastructure.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCI) is the leading project partner, with its nationwide offices mandated to promote the rights and interests of the private sector, and to facilitate the creation of a favourable business environment.

The project works to strengthen the capacity of the CCI central office in legislation analysis and monitoring, to promote public-private partnerships, and to strengthen the capacity of CCIs to promote inclusive market development. It also works to identify and support pro-poor business opportunities at sub-regional levels.

Our Results


  • Launched 4 Business Facilitation Centers in Andijan, Ferghana, Syrdarya and Karakalpakstan during 2011-2012, which are now being replicated all over the country;
  • Developed and launched the Information portal on government rules and procedures;
  • Elaborated and submitted a draft resolution on electronic business registration to the Government;
  • Established a department under the CCI for the analysis and monitoring of legislation related to entrepreneurship, and for developing recommendations for the further improvement of the national business climate;
  • Elaborated and submitted over 50 recommended legislation amendments to the Government, on matters including but not limited to the improvement of the national business climate, the system of licensing and forms of statistical and tax reporting, and also the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs during state inspections;
  • Contributed to the improvement of current business-related legislation, including two President’s Decrees and two laws which incorporated recommendations developed by the Project in 2012;
  • Advocated for inclusive economic growth and the implementation of inclusive business projects throughout the country, through the distribution of a wide range of media materials including articles, TV and radio broadcasts, presentations and brochures, in 12 regions of Uzbekistan, for an audience of over 1 million people. The Project also hosted at least 10 public information events annually;
  • Over 138,000 people are benefitting from the implementation of the pilot Public-private Partnership (PPP) project in the solid waste management sector of the Yangiyul District of the Tashkent Region.


Total Budget: USD 1,019,453
UNDP: USD 750,000
CCI: USD 91,911
UNDP Bratislava Regional Project (parallel financing): USD 177,542

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