Budget System Reform in Uzbekistan

Project Goal

Training participants learn new approaches to budgetingUNDP in Uzbekistan: Training participants explore new approaches to regional, results-based budgeting


The 'Budget System Reform in Uzbekistan projects works to support the Government in reforming Uzbekistan’s public finance system, through ensuring the greater effectiveness, accountability and transparency of the budget preparation system.

The ‘Budget System Reform in Uzbekistan’ project intends to improve budget policy, facilitate discussions on drafting and adopting legislative acts to promote reforms in results-based budgeting and medium-term budget planning, improve legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure efficient and transparent state procurement, and strengthen human resource capacity.

The initiative works to support the development of a legal framework to enhance public finance management reform, to promote the introduction of Results-Based Budgeting and Strategic Planning and the level of ministries and budget recipients, and to facilitate the improvement of the public procurement system while assisting in the development of appropriate legislative framework. The project also works to enhance fiscal decentralisation by improving intergovernmental fiscal relations and capacity building and by developing incentives at the local level, to introduce the concept of gender budgeting, and to strengthen the Training Centre under the Ministry of Finance and enhance its human resource capacity.

Our Results


  • Drafted the Budget Code and Law on Public Procurement;
  • Drafted guidelines for the preparation of medium-term strategies at the level of ministries and budget recipients;
  • Created a roster of existing authorities with responsibilities for carrying out expenditures;
  • Created a methodology for inter-budgetary income and expenditure  balancing;
  • Created a methodology for assessing and forecasting the tax potential of regions, as well as a regional indices for budget expenditures, and the apportioning of targeted subsidies;
  • Carried out an initial analysis of the gender sensitivity of the state budget of the Djizak region;
  • Equipped the Training Centre of the Ministry of Finance with programs and methodologies required for a distance learning system.

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