Support to Reform Process in Uzbekistan

Project Goals

Further liberalization of economy, welfare improvement and public governance reform remain top priorities for the Government at current stage of social and economic transitions. So far, the government has managed to ensure a certain progress, including the achievement of financial and fiscal stabilization, convertibility, and launching of public administration reform. At the same time, the country continues to face challenges in its development efforts.

While the country was able to avoid a major output decline, its economic growth still remains modest. Ensuring rapid growth rate is of particular importance and requires a complex of macroeconomic and institutional reforms as well as possession by the government of policy alternatives and scenarios to choose from. 

Previously, the decision making process on policy issues in Uzbekistan was highly centralized within the government structures. Recently the government is increasingly committed to maintain dialogue with other development partners, including experts and civil society, in addressing development issues and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. 

Being the Government's trusted partner in the area of social and economic development, the UNDP has initiated the Support to Reform Process project, to render assistance to the Government in cross-sectoral policy analysis, formulation, monitoring and evaluation, promoting dialogue between public and private sectors, and advocacy. 


  • Policy formulation brought closer to the public through initiation of public policy discussions and making available knowledge and expertise of international and national expert communities;
  •  “Think tank” concept to be widely mainstreamed in Uzbekistan contributing to development of national think tanks and rapidly increasing their role in policy formulation and decision-making processes as a reliable and credible source of analyses and expertise; 
  • A number of policy studies on improving the living standards to be undertaken, serving as the baseline for broad-based dialogue on poverty reduction issues, and resulting in initiation of comprehensive Welfare Improvement Strategy; 
  • Policy papers on governance and decentralization issues served as background and input to initiation of a full-scale public governance reform; 
  • E-readiness assessment of the country along with implementation of ICT related projects, contributed to elaboration of National ICT Development Strategy; 
  • Recent initiatives include Statistical Project, Tourism Development, National Human Development Reports, Land Reform, Employment Generation, Family Assets Mobilization that in total could create significant inputs for developing national development strategies.


Total Budget: USD 3,779,058
The Government of Uzbekistan USD 1,333,633
UNDP USD 2,307,509

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