Economic Governance

  • Further liberalization of economy, welfare improvement and public governance reform remain top priorities for the Government at current stage of social and economic transitions.

  • From 2005 to 2010, the Enhancement of Living Standards (ELS) programme worked to improve access to services, rehabilitate infrastructure and diversify income generation in the Andijan, Karakalpakstan, Namangan and Fergana regions.

  • Accelerated private sector development can make substantial contribution to sustainable economic growth, employment generation, provision of sustainable income sources and goods and services at lower prices.

  • The 'Business Forum of Uzbekistan' works with national partners to provide comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs and businesses, while improving access to broader markets.

  • The idea and holistic vision of Human Development (HD) advocates that the true wealth of a country is in its people. The human beings should be seen as the ends in themselves rather than the means to achieve progress in socio-economic development of a country.

  • The 'Border Management Programme in Central Asia' works to increase security in Central Asia by promoting legitimate trade and transit, and by helping reduce the illicit movement of goods and people.

  • UN Aral Sea Programme

    The overall goal of the Programme is to improve the economic, food, health and environmental security of poor rural communities of Karakalpakstan. By employing top-down protection and bottom-up empowerment measures within the human security framework the Programme aims to promote community level efforts in protecting people from sudden economic downturns and natural disasters as well as increase living standards of population.

  • The 'Budget System Reform in Uzbekistan projects works to support the Government in reforming Uzbekistan’s public finance system, through ensuring the greater effectiveness, accountability and transparency of budget preparation.

  • UNDP is working to provide policy makers with effective economic analysis and forecasting tools, which they can use in assessing the implications of the recent global financial crisis on the country, in identifying future policy directions, and in formulating sector and regional development programs.

  • The project provides assistance to the Government of Uzbekistan in creating an enabling environment for business. Our initiatives aim to strengthen public-private dialogue, streamline public services provision for entrepreneurs, to promote inclusive business models, youth and women entrepreneurship.

  • The SMART project works to support the Centre of Economic Research in facilitating economic, social, institutional and spatial transformation in Uzbekistan, while expanding the thematic and geographic range of its research areas, promoting participatory policy dialogue, and issuing a wider range of products for various types of audiences.

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