Multi-Country Capacity Building Project (Uzbekistan Component)

Project Goal

Climate change experts discuss the importance of effective land managementUNDP in Uzbekistan: Enhancing land management in Uzbekistan has helped to preserve critical natural resources, while improving the lives of farmers and their families

The ‘Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management: Multi-Country Capacity Building Project (Uzbekistan Component)’ works to combat land degradation by developing and implementing integrated approaches and strategies, and by building capacities at national and country-to-country levels.

The Multi-country Capacity Building Project (Uzbekistan Component) is a regional component of the Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management (CACILM). The CACILM is a partnership between Central Asian countries and the international donor community, focused on combating land degradation and improving living standards in the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The regional initiative utilises an integrated approach to land management, in order to improve land reclamation and productivity, and consequently to improve the socio-economic conditions of rural households, while ensuring that the environmental quality of their land can be maintained.  

The project works to improve the skills of key environmental and agricultural experts in Uzbekistan, while building the capacities of organisations to form sustainable environmental initiatives and effectively raise funds for sustainable land-management initiatives. It also works to address the impact of global environment issues such as global warming on agriculture and food security.

Our Results


  • Trained members of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan to conduct environment impact assessments of laws to be passed;
  • Introduced an amended Integrated Financial Strategy for Land Management;
  • Conducted a series of training-of-trainers workshops covering sustainable development and land management;
  • Introduced six best practices of sustainable land management, as included in the World Review of Soil and Water Efficiency Technologies;
  • Published guidelines regarding water-efficient technologies and environmental assessments of sustainable livestock farming.

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