Strengthening the Efficiency and Sustainability of the Newly Established Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve

Project Goal

A deer in the Lower Amudarya State Biosphere ReserveUNDP in Uzbekistan: Protecting the unique wildlife within the Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve is an essential objective of UNDP's national initiative

Implemented jointly by UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, this project works to demonstrate new approaches and models that could be used to ensure the sustainability of the newly established Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve (LABR), specifically to support the riparian ‘Tugai’ forest ecosystem.

Located in the Amudarya river delta, the Tugai ecosystem is both unique to the nation and a valuable natural resource that supports the well-being of its neighbouring population. Consequently its potential fragmentation, and the depletion of its resources, would result in significant environmental, social and economic problems.

One of the most practical approaches used to conserve and manage the biodiversity and natural resources of the lower delta of the Amudarya River has been the establishment of a 68,717.8 hectare State Biosphere Reserve in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The LABR includes a strictly-protected core, transition and buffer zones. Its establishment is an important step towards preserving the riparian woodlands, but the reserve’s operational capacities are insufficient, there is a lack of knowledge needed for its correct management, and there is a lack of local, national and international awareness of the reserve and its importance.

The project is working to provide technical assistance within the field of planning and management, by enhancing the reserve’s performance, planning, monitoring and control, and by nominating the reserve for inclusion into UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Our Results


  • Improved the system for the daily monitoring and guarding of the biosphere reserve territory, through the procurement and installation of 2 field bases, 4 sets of camera traps, and 3 high speed scooters;
  • Trained LABR staff on the best practices of biosphere reserve management as utilised in Germany;
  • Raised awareness among 3 regional government representatives and 34 neighbouring community members on the importance and operations of the biosphere reserve;
  • Provided 32 full sets of uniforms for LABR staff.


Budget: USD 100,000
UNDP: USD 100,000
The Government of Uzbekistan: USD 113,924
The Government of Uzbekistan (in-kind): USD 40,000

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