Local Governance Support: Participation and Partnership

Project Goal

Local government employees learn to use an electronic document exchange systemUNDP in Uzbekistan: Developments such as the 'E-HUJJAT' electronic document exchange system have enhanced both government efficiency and the services available to regional populations


The 'Local Governance Support: Participation and Partnership' project has helped to reform Uzbekistan’s local governance by improving the performance of ‘khokimiyats’ (local administrative offices) in two regions, by ensuring their transparency, and by enhancing their relations with citizens. In this way, the project facilitates cooperation among local governments, civil society and the private sector.

This project has a twofold objective. The first is to encourage the decentralization of Uzbekistan’s government by ensuring that local public services are easily available, and by improving the abilities of civil servants to perform public functions in a professional manner. The second is to improve relationships between khokimiyats and citizens, by enhancing public relations and the use of interactive electronic government tools. The project operates in the Djizak and Namangan regions.


Our Results


  • Established e-governance systems and Local Government Information Centers at regional khokimyiats, to improve the population’s access to information regarding the work of local government bodies;
  • Established One-Stop-Shops providing public services in a timely and efficient manner, in order to strengthen the ability of civil servants to better support the public;
  • Institutionalised a mechanism for the participation of private sector and civil society institutions in the processes of planning and implementing a strategy for regional development at a local level, through the establishment of Public Councils at khokimyiats;
  • Introduced modern and innovative approaches to developing agrarian regions, through the improvement of touristic services in the Djizak region (Specifically at the Zaamin recreational zone with the potential for the development of ski and eco-tourism) and in the Namangan region (Specifically through health tourism centred around the iodium-bromine mineral waters of Chartak);
  • Prepared 20 analytical papers on local governance reform, decentralisation and regional development strategic planning, best international experiences in local governance system reform, the planning of local budget revenues, the cooperation of governmental organisations with NGOs and the private sectors in the pilot regions, a concept note on the use of the One-Stop-Shop approach for delivering public services, a paper regarding citizen access to information about the performance of government agencies, and other similar publications.


The Local Governance Support Project has established several of its project initiatives in coordination with central and regional national partners, and is confident that these partners will continue the project’s work after its conclusion:

  • Two institutions were established through the project with the intention of ensuring the transparency and inclusiveness of local governance, including One-Stop-Shops and Local Government Information Centers. Both these institutions were established by regional khokimiyats, with in-kind contributions from UNDP, and they will consequently continue to be run by such government offices even after the project’s closure;
  • UNDP is negotiating with the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan, requesting that the ministry continue to maintain the e-document system installed in 27 khokimiyat offices of the provinces, cities and districts of the Djizak and Namangan regions;
  • The khokimiyat of the Zaamin district, in close partnership with its local community, will continue the project’s efforts to develop community-based tourism in the region. The Zaamin brand will be owned by the owners of local guest-houses themselves;
  • The distance education system established by the project for the training of civil servants will be managed and hosted by both the Academy of Public Administration and ‘UzINFOCOM’ Center for the Development and Introduction of Computer and Information Technologies.

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