Local Governance Support Programme, Phase-II

Project Goals


Promoting more effective, accountable and inclusive governance in Uzbekistan by enhancing local government performance, increasing citizen participation and supporting accountability and transparency in local governance.

Since 2010, the Local Governance Support Project has been cooperating with national and regional government partners in order to ensure that these development needs are met, while also helping to enhance the transparency, accountability and inclusiveness of local governments.

Building on the experience of LGSP/Phase-1, the project’s second phase will support the Uzbek Government in strengthening local governance at regional and district levels, to ensure accountable, inclusive and equitable local development.

The project’s work will embrace the reform of policy, legislative and fiscal frameworks for deconcentration and decentralisation, and stronger participatory planning, management and monitoring capacities, while testing new models of citizen engagement and voice. The project operates in the Djizak, Namangan and Tashkent regions.

Our Achievements


  • “e-Hujjat” electronic document management system (EDMS) was upgraded. 27 khokimiyats of Djizak and Namangan regions were integrated under the EDMS, over 300 employees of the khokimiyats were provided with digital signatures and passed trainings on ICT skills;
  • 6 (six) Modern Local Government Information Centers (LGIC) were established at khokimiyats of Djizak and Namangan regions, Djizak and Namangan cities, Zaamin and Yangikorgan districts to ensure citizen’s access to information about khokimiyats activities;
  • 2 (two) One-Stop-Shops (OSS) were established in Djizak and Namangan cities to provide interactive public services to citizens;
  • Policy recommendations on strengthening the powers of local governments on income generation and local budget expenditure management were developed;
  • Regional Development Strategies (RDS) were designed for Djizak and Namangan regions;
  • Community-based tourism (CBT) development model was designed based on the experience of Zaamin district.

Expected Results

  • Scaling-up of successful results of LGSP/Phase-1 (Modern Information Centers, One-Stop-Shop, Electronic Document Management System, Community Based Tourism Model, Regional Development Strategies);
  • Development of methodology/policy options for a vertical functional review of public services, for integration into multi-channel local service delivery mechanisms;
  • Enhancing the capacity of local elected bodies (Kengashes) by strengthening their oversight, representative and rulemaking functions;
  • Development of proposals on amendments to the Law “On Local Government”;
  • Enhancement of the quality of curriculum development at the Academy of Public Administration;
  • Empowerment of local governments in terms of equitable development, local accountability, and better quality and transparency of financial management;
  • Development of a cross-practice Local Development Strategy in pilot regions.


Total Required Budget: USD 3,000,000
Total allocated budget (for 2014-2015): USD 910,195
Unfunded Budget: USD 2,089,805

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