Improving quality of social service delivery for persons with disabilities and lonely elderly people in Uzbekistan

Project Goal


UNDP has successfully cooperated  with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Uzbekistan since 2008  in widening social integration and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. However in 2014 UNDP for the first time started working in the  area of support to lonely elderly.

UNDP will support the government in providing assistance in developing  legislative framework on social protection to the elderly (including home care service, homes for elderly people, homes for people with disabilities, social service delivery in centers of rehabilitation or foodstuff packages). Among project goals is also creating feedback loop for clients  on the quality of existing social services, as well as means of rehabilitation and prosthesis by state. Introduction of international experience in professional social work for lonely elderly people.

Our Achievements


  • Development of the draft law "On Social Partnership", which provides for the participation of NGOs in the discussion of draft laws, introduces innovative interaction mechanisms among NGOs and government bodies, envisages the establishment of social foundations on a regional level and creates conditions for the participation of NGOs in the Public control.
  • An Advisory Board on Disability Issues was established with UNDP support within the National Association of Uzbek NGOs (NANOUz) that for the first time brought together leading public organizations of disabled persons in the country.
  • Number of knowledge materials and analytical reports were published: “Guide in questions and answers on labor rights”, “Collection of regulations on employment and social protection of the population”, translation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, "The capacity of non-governmental non-commercial organizations in provision of social services".
  • Over 4,500 representatives of socially vulnerable groups received social services (legal aid, employment promotion, financial assistance, rehabilitation services) through 19 NGO-based social service providers supported in accordance with the State Program "Year of the Family", "The development of social enterprises in Uzbekistan: status and prospects".
  • The project contributed to the development of social enterprises in Uzbekistan, demonstrated to the state the advantages of supporting them and providing them with privileges and preferences.
  • 25 low-income women and disabled women in remote mountain villages of the Samarkand region and the Republic of Karakalpakstan received raw materials, and other necessary materials, and were trained on manufacturing textile souvenirs combining national color and modern design. Their products are available in the largest supermarket chain
  • The products of social enterprises under the brand "social product" and the social advertising are presented in the largest supermarket chain More than 300 representatives of socially vulnerable groups are employed in the jobs specially created at the pilot social enterprises.

Expected Results

  • Increasing of the number of lonely elderly and people with disabilities, receiving social pensions and transfers, monthly foodstuff packages, technical rehabilitation and prosthesis means, medicine, home care services, sanatorium treatment, medical services, through enhancing the mechanism of identification of vulnerable citizens and implementation of their case management.
  • Higher satisfaction from quality of social services (home care) by lonely elderly and people with disabilities through adopting new order and standards of delivering social assistance and case management, as well as professionalization of spheres of social protection and social work (training, re-training and capacity building of personnel).
  • Increasing the efficiency of managing social protection sphere within the system of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, more efficient usage of resources  through conducting functional review and institutional reform of the Ministry, development of Draft Law "On social services", projects of legislative acts on: enhancement of the system of social services for lonely citizens, requiring external support; institutionalization of tariffs and qualification characteristics and salary grades of social workers; further enhancement of structure of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 
  • Increasing transparency and accountability of delivering social support, social services, technical rehabilitation and prosthesis means, sanatorium treatment, through implementation of automated information systems, including online services and feedback systems for users of social services and transfers, as well as public control.  

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