Civil Justice Reform: Effective Court Management

Project Goal

Study tour participants from the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan meet with counterparts in South KoreaUNDP in Uzbekistan: Learning the best practices used in overseas courts has helped improve the abilities of legal professionals in Uzbekistan

The 'Civil Justice Reform: Effective Court Management' project works to strengthen the institutional framework of the civil courts of Uzbekistan, through creating favourable conditions for the further improvement of civil justice both in legislation and in practice. It works to enhance the accessibility of justice through e-Justice implementation, to improve court decisions, to enhance the enforcement of court decisions, and to increase public awareness of the available legal remedies for obtaining civil justice.

In recent years the Government of Uzbekistan has made considerable efforts to enhance the national justice system, specifically through the adoption of the ‘Concept of Enhanced Reform and Liberalisation of the Justice System’ and the law ‘On Courts’. This legislation has helped to specialise courts, to ensure that they enforce their own decisions, to ensure that best international practices are incorporated into the civil justice system, and to ensure that conditions are created for the system’s continued liberalisation.

However, despite these efforts, a number of problems are still faced in regards to court availability, transparency and case delays. There is also room for improvement in institutional frameworks, court administration and efficiency, and in interaction between civil courts and other government departments.

Our Results


  • Improved the decision-making mechanisms of Uzbekistan’s civil justice system through applying international experience;
  • Established an Interagency Working Group on civil justice reform.

Expected Results

  • Provide the Government with strategic analysis and blueprints on civil justice reform;
  • Implement an effective civil justice system, streamline civil proceedings, and install an effective e-Justice system;
  • Develop a training platform for online training courses for the civil courts of Uzbekistan;
  • Encourage a better understanding of relevant legislation and the application of UN conventions in civil courts;
  • Improve the justice system’s transparency and accessibility, by enhancing access to civil justice and information on civil proceedings;
  • Develop a communication strategy for civil courts, thereby enhancing the public’s legal knowledge;
  • Develop a model civil court that ensures practical access for retirees, women with children and people living with disabilities, as an example of how civil court infrastructure can be improved.


Total Budget: USD 642,000
UNDP: USD 450,000
Supreme Court: USD 192,000

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