Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase III)

Project Goal

New entrepreneurs learn the skills needed to expand their businesses and appeal to broader marketsUNDP in Uzbekistan: New entrepreneurs learn the skills needed to expand their businesses and appeal to broader markets


Uzbekistan’s private sector, in particular its small business and private entrepreneurship components, has become a major component of the nation’s GDP and a significant source of employment. It has been a government priority to make sure that the growth of this sector continues, and UNDP together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has helped create an enabling business environment by strengthening public-private dialogue, introducing streamlined procedures to ease doing business, and promoting inclusive business projects.


Phase III of the Business Forum of Uzbekistan project will build on the successes achieved in the project’s first two phases. Since its initiation, the project has concentrated its efforts on facilitating active dialogue regarding business environment issues and generating related constructive proposals. It has encouraged the development of inclusive businesses which benefit both companies and their communities, while working to limit bureaucratic processes and licensing requirements. More than 200 laws and regulations have been reviewed with the project’s support, with particularly substantial inputs made into the laws on the protection of private property, guarantees of the rights of property holders, licensing procedures for entrepreneurship, and family business matters.


The project’s third phase will continue building on these achievements, by furthering business environment assessment and monitoring by supporting the introduction of internationally-adopted analytical tools and methodologies, and the analysis of selected regulatory issues and procedures for entrepreneurship activities. The project will also support the development of proposals for improving business regulations and contributions to the overall quality of the business environment, by promoting a participatory approach that involves private sector representatives in policy development processes.

Expected Results

  • Proposals for improving the country’s business environment, co-developed with stakeholders and submitted to the government;
  • Proposals and action plans that streamline business procedures, particularly those related to property registration, construction permits, electricity connections, and obtaining license and permits, co-developed with stakeholders and submitted to the government;
  • The support of a mechanism for the online public review of legislation, facilitation of the resulting discussion of at least three pieces of legislation, and the submission of results to the government;
  • The launch of an online business registration mechanism, and its extension to include the submission of tax and statistical reports, and other similar documentation;
  • The integration of online business services with a ‘virtual cabinet of entrepreneurs’, as part of the web portal, and the arrangement of means to pay for various public services and to obtain relevant certificates via internet banking;
  • The support of at least four small businesses, either headed by women or employing mostly women and youth, to create jobs and income opportunities in rural areas;
  • The resource mobilisation strategy for CCI and partners to implement inclusive business.


Total Budget Required: USD 1,286,000
UNDP: USD 500,000
CCI: USD 64,200
Sasol Synfuels International PTY: USD 110,000
Unfunded Amount: USD 621,800

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