Aid for Trade (Phase III)

Project Goal

The ‘Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia’ is a regional project that supports countries in the region to benefit from increasing resources available from Aid for Trade (AfT) and to harvest the benefits of trade for human development. The project in the Republic of Uzbekistan is implemented by the UNDP country office in Uzbekistan in close coordination with UNDP Europe and the CIS Regional Centre.

The overall goal of the project in Uzbekistan is to improve income and job opportunities through strengthening government capacity at national and local levels to ease international and regional trade, enhancing trade support institutions and promoting sustainable agro-processing practices.

The project focuses on the provision of support to national partners in strengthening their capacities in promoting trade/exports and analysis of integration processes (including multilateral trade agreements) and their influence on other sectors.  The project also supports export promotion institutions, and continues strengthening productive, export capacities of local Small (SMEs) and promoting cooperation between SMEs in the region.

Expected Results


As a result of the project intervention it is expected that trade policy makers are better equipped on facilitation of trade and exports, research and extension service providers are enabled to promote innovative trade approaches and sustainable agro-processing practices in Central Asia.

To achieve these results, the project conducts activities in 4 main directions grouped into components:

Component 1: Improving capacities of trade policy makers

Main activities:

  • Strengthening capacities of national partners in promoting trade/exports;
  • Support in analysis of integration processes (including multilateral trade agreements) and their influence on other sectors.

Component 2: Support to Uztadbirkoreksport and other Trade Support Institutions (TSIs) in promoting exports of SMEs

Main activities:

  • Support the promotion of exports from SMEs;
  • Creation of electronic trade platform and exchange of marketing information;
  • Creation and maintaining of value-chains in agro-processing and capturing export markets.

Component 3: Support in strengthening productive, export capacities to increase welfare

Main activities:

  • Support the participation of SMEs in trade fairs to promote their products for exporting;
  • Pilot new agro-processing facilities, and introduce quality control systems, to promote products for exporting;
  • Support fruits and vegetables growers in improving their productive capacities.

Component 4: Supporting MFERIT in enhancement of provision of trade support services and servicing investors, including promotion of online services.

Main activities:

  • Support to improving the national investment environment and trade promotion policies;
  • Support to the coordination and promotion of free, special economic zones.

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