Economic Governance

  • Uzbekistan Aid Effectiveness Project Uzbekistan Aid Effectiveness ProjectThe overall objective of the project is to improve the effectiveness of aid flowing into Uzbekistan in the long-term perspective, and to strengthen capacities of the relevant Government institutions in the better coordination, management and mobilisation of external resources at country and sector levels.

  • Budget System Reform in UzbekistanBudget System Reform in UzbekistanThe 'Budget System Reform in Uzbekistan projects works to support the Government in reforming Uzbekistan’s public finance system, through ensuring the greater effectiveness, accountability and transparency of budget preparation.

  • Capacity Building for Economic Forecasting and Planning at National and Local LevelsCapacity Building for Economic Forecasting and Planning at National and Local LevelsUNDP is working to provide policy makers with effective economic analysis and forecasting tools, which they can use in assessing the implications of the recent global financial crisis on the country, in identifying future policy directions, and in formulating sector and regional development programs.

  • Supporting Modernisation, Accelerated Reform and Transformation (SMART)Supporting Modernisation, Accelerated Reform and Transformation (SMART)The SMART project works to support the Centre of Economic Research in facilitating economic, social, institutional and spatial transformation in Uzbekistan, while expanding the thematic and geographic range of its research areas, promoting participatory policy dialogue, and issuing a wider range of products for various types of audiences.

  • Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase III)Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase III)Uzbekistan’s private sector, in particular its small business and private entrepreneurship components, has become a major component of the nation’s GDP and a significant source of employment.

  • Aid for Trade (Phase III)Aid for Trade (Phase III)The ‘Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia’ is a regional project that supports countries in the region to benefit from increasing resources available from Aid for Trade (AfT) and to harvest the benefits of trade for human development. The project in the Republic of Uzbekistan is implemented by the UNDP country office in Uzbekistan in close coordination with UNDP Europe and the CIS Regional Centre.

  • UN Aral Sea ProgrammeUN Aral Sea ProgrammeThe overall goal of the Programme is to improve the economic, food, health and environmental security of poor rural communities of Karakalpakstan. By employing top-down protection and bottom-up empowerment measures within the human security framework the Programme aims to promote community level efforts in protecting people from sudden economic downturns and natural disasters as well as increase living standards of population.

  • Continuing Scale Up of the Response to HIV Continuing Scale Up of the Response to HIVThe Government of Uzbekistan is making efforts to stop and reverse the HIV epidemic in the country by mobilising both national and international resources. In view of the escalating epidemic, Uzbekistan applied for Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Grants and the country has been awarded a number of grants.


UNDP’s work to enhance economic development in the Republic of Uzbekistan comes at an important time, as it continues its gradual economic transition and works to overcome hurdles appearing in the process. UNDP is working to improve economic governance in Uzbekistan, while working with civil society and the private sector to generate employment opportunities, improve rural livelihoods, introduce micro-finance and business advisory services, facilitate cross-learning and encourage entrepreneurship.

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The United Nations Development Assistance Framework
UNDAF for the Republic of Uzbekistan: 2010-2015

The United Nations Development Assistance Framework for the Republic of Uzbekistan is the result of a consultative process undertaken to analyse how the United Nations can most effectively respond to Uzbekistan’s national priorities and needs.

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