Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

  • Uzbekistan Aid Effectiveness Project

    The overall objective of the project is to improve the effectiveness of aid flowing into Uzbekistan in the long-term perspective, and to strengthen capacities of the relevant Government institutions in the better coordination, management and mobilisation of external resources at country and sector levels.

  • Budget System Reform in Uzbekistan

    The 'Budget System Reform in Uzbekistan projects works to support the Government in reforming Uzbekistan’s public finance system, through ensuring the greater effectiveness, accountability and transparency of budget preparation.

  • Capacity Building for Economic Forecasting and Planning at National and Local Levels

    UNDP is working to provide policy makers with effective economic analysis and forecasting tools, which they can use in assessing the implications of the recent global financial crisis on the country, in identifying future policy directions, and in formulating sector and regional development programs.

  • Supporting Modernisation, Accelerated Reform and Transformation (SMART)

    The SMART project works to support the Centre of Economic Research in facilitating economic, social, institutional and spatial transformation in Uzbekistan, while expanding the thematic and geographic range of its research areas, promoting participatory policy dialogue, and issuing a wider range of products for various types of audiences.

Inclusive and Democratic Governance

Climate Change and Environment

  • GEF Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan

    The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (the GEF SGP), is a global initiative which began its work in 1992 and is currently being implemented in 101 countries around the globe.

  • Supporting Uzbekistan in Transition to a Low-Emission Development Path

    The ‘Supporting Uzbekistan in Transition to a Low-Emission Development Path‘ project is helping Uzbekistan to transition to more sustainable energy use, promoting renewable energy use, promoting renewable energy use, assisting the Government in developing a low emission development strategy and mobilising resources for the strategy.

  • Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Uzbekistan’s Oil and Gas Policies and Operations

    The ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Uzbekistan’s Oil and Gas Policies and Operations’ project works with the oil-and-gas sector in Uzbekistan, in order to minimise their adverse impacts of biodiversity. Practical solutions of how this can be achieved will be demonstrated on the Ustyurt Plateau.

  • Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Efficiency Plan of the Zarafshan River Basin

    The goal of this project is to develop an Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Use Efficiency Plan for the Zarafshan River Basin of Uzbekistan, to strengthen the legal and regulatory framework for the water sector, and to support the integration of water management issues into relevant inter-sectorial policies.